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Carlson siblings join forces in first annual Carlson Alumni soccer game PHOTO

  • Justin and Brooke Hunter
  • Alycia, Rick and Andrew Bobowski
  • Roger and Edgar Rodriguez

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Brothers play football and basketball together and sisters play softball and volleyball together all the time. But it’s not often that brothers and sisters get to join together for the same sport, on the same team.

For a few Carlson alumni, that was exactly the case at last weekend’s first annual Carlson Alumni soccer game.

Five sets of siblings joined each other on the pitch; three being brother-sister combos.

The Hunter siblings

Justin, a 2011 graduate, and Brooke, a 2013 graduate, have played soccer since each was four-years-old.

While the two have played together before, it was mainly just small-sided games and Justin was more often than not in net.

At the alumni game, the two were right on the field with each other, playing side by side until Justin went into net late in the game.

Playing together is something the siblings enjoy.

“It was weird at first, it’s still weird at times for me, but overall I really enjoy it,” Justin said.

Brooke was thrilled with the chance to play right alongside older brother.

“I enjoy playing with Justin,” she said. “He was a huge part as to why I started playing soccer and why I was able to play at the level I did.

“He was always helping me improve and giving me advice, so getting the chance to play right next to my brother was awesome.”

The Hunters hadn’t been off the field for very long before joining the other Carlson alumni.

Both play in a 6v6 league and Brooke is starting her second year with the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s women’s soccer program.

Both were excited to join the alumni roster and excited to play with so many alumni.

“Carlson has had an impact on us all and it’s very incredible (that) we all wanted to come back and play again,” Brooke said. “Everyone was super excited about it and seeing some old friends was great.”

Justin echoed his sister’s thoughts.

“Carlson has generally always had good players enter its soccer program through the years,” he said. “So it was a good time seeing old friends, playing against some and being lucky enough to play with some again.”

The Bobowski siblings

Alycia (2009) and Andrew (2012) Bobowski were another brother-sister combo who had never played together before the alumni game.

With the two teams divided up by even and odd graduation years, the two found themselves on opposite sides of the field and with dad Rick handling referee duties during the game, it became quite the family affair.

Andrew, who plays goalkeeper for Albion College, was faced with the challenge of keeping away older sister, who was playing striker for the other team.

“She trash talked a lot before the game and I really didn’t want her to score on me,” he said. “I knew if she did, I would never hear the end of it.”

Alycia, of course wanted nothing more than to score on her brother.

“Since he’s a goalie, I wanted nothing more than to score on him,” she said. “However, it did not happen.

“Thankfully there is always next year.”

Alycia had not played soccer since 2008, but said it was natural going back to the field.

“It felt amazing to be back out on the field,” she said. “Once I was out on the field, it was like I never quit playing.”

Both siblings felt the game was a huge success and were thrilled with the amount of alumni on each team.

“It was awesome to see so many alumni come back to support the program,” Andrew said. “It was especially nice to be able to meet up and play with some of the guys that I looked up to so much when I first started playing for the school as an underclassman.”

Alycia’s excitement echoed her brother’s.

“I can’t wait to see how many people we get for next year because word is just going to spread and I think more people will end up showing up,” she said. “The turnout was great.

“It definitely shows that the soccer program through Carlson was a success and everyone enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to be back playing on the same team as people I played with during my high school years.”

The Rodriguez siblings

Twin brothers Roger and Edgar, both 2012 graduates, have been playing soccer since they were six and had always been on the same team heading into the alumni game, but that did not make it any less enjoyable.

“I’m used to playing with my brother so it’s not different feeling,” Roger said. “I had a great time playing in the alumni game; it was fun playing with all different classes from Carlson and I can’t wait until next year.”

Although Roger no longer plays quite as much as he used to, he says he will always love the sport and hopes more alumni show up to next year’s game to keep the tradition going.

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