False MI Prep Zone: Inter-City celebrates 10th straight district title PHOTO GALLERY
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Inter-City celebrates 10th straight district title PHOTO GALLERY

  • Junior Makayla Thoune hit her seventh home run of the season today and had seven strike outs in three innings.
  • Inter-City Baptist Chargers 2014 District Champs

Game Info

Softball - 5/30/2014 4:00 p.m.

Inter-City Baptist 23
Trillium Academy 5

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The sun wasn’t the only thing that was hot Friday afternoon during a district match up between Inter-City Baptist and the Trillium Academy Wildcats. The Chargers won their 10th consecutive district title, dominating Trillium by a score of 23-5.

With the Academy for Business & Tech forfeiting playoffs, the Chargers and Wildcats automatically advanced to the final round.

The Chargers, who played as the visiting team on their home field, came out with their bats on fire as the team batted around the line up twice, scoring 12, and forcing a pitching change for the Wildcats in just the first inning.

Junior, pitcher Makayla Thoune had a three run homer that landed just beyond the fence in left field, which was her seventh home run of the season.

Thoune continued to help her team out on the mound as she struck out four batters in the next two innings. Her team backed her up as they got the other two outs not letting any runners on base.

The Chargers were able to get a comfortable enough lead to give some of their other team mates playing time. Coach Nancy Poole was able to get each player an at bat and all but one on the field.

The Wildcats were able to capitalize on this momentum change and get their bats moving. Junior Stephanie Moore started the inning off drawing a walk, followed by Casie Merril who got the first hit for the team.

Trillium threatened a comeback scoring five that inning.

A pitch change again in the fourth put Thoune back in for McKenna Howell. A quick three up, three down and the Chargers reclaimed their title as district champs.

“We all knew that Makayla was a great pitcher. I’m proud of my girls, they hit hard and did well with their timing, which is what we were hoping for,” said Wildcats’ Coach Steve Kirk. “All we can do is move forward. Next year we’ve got to work on driving the ball more so we can compete with other teams. We’ll have almost all seniors on the team so hopefully their veteran experience will translate on the field.”

Inter-City also used this game to recognize their two seniors Kate Gardzella and Sarah Davis.

“The girls played well today. I was impressed with how they stayed back and waited on the pitch, sometimes we get ourselves into some trouble with that,” said Nancy Poole, head coach for Inter-City. “I was glad I was able to get the entire team in for a district game. Were gonna face some tough teams coming up so they need to keep the hitting and pitching up, and if they do, we’ve got a good chance at winning.”

The Chargers move on to face Wixom St. Catherine at 12:00 pm Saturday at Parkway Christian School.

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