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Downriver Dominance: Woodhaven collects sixth straight league title in girls soccer PHOTO GALLERY

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Since the inception of the Downriver League championship in 2008, only one school has earned the right to call themselves champions.

That school is Woodhaven, and those teams have been the Lady Warriors.

Bernie Turner won the first five titles before handing the reins over to Scott Hoye, who took over as head coach before the 2014 season and currently boasts an undefeated record.

Hoye said he believes that talent is a key element to any successful team, but that the Woodhaven girls’ participation in club soccer - year in and year out - is a big reason why Woodhaven has been such a machine for over half a decade.

“Pretty much all our girls play club soccer, so that’s one advantage we have over many Downriver teams,” Hoye said. “We have good leadership on our team, also. The girls are willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the entire team. From top to bottom I have 14 girls that I feel very comfortable starting at any given time, and I mean that.”

Year after year after year, Woodhaven produces championship-caliber teams, partly because the coaches always place a premium on developing the junior varsity team.

“We have a very large base of skill, all the way through to our JV team,” Hoye said. “It helps push our varsity and junior varsity teams alike when they get to co-train against each other.”

Hoye said he believes there has been one common denominator that each Woodhaven team since 2008 has shared, making the program so unstoppable all these years: skill.

“We’ve had great coaches come in that really care about the program, but the depth of skill means everything,” he said. “Some cities have great resources and different depths of talent in certain sports and ours is in soccer.

“We have great girls on this team,” Hoye said. “They have a thirst to win, they defend each other well in practice and all 18 girls on this team hang out together. So it’s a terrific group of girls that has just really bought into each other.”

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