False MI Prep Zone: Roosevelt breaks Allen Park three-year DRL winning streak
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Roosevelt breaks Allen Park three-year DRL winning streak

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The streak has been broken.

It was a game that took almost three weeks to complete, was filled with a lot of hitting, a lot of scoring and a lot of emotion.

When it finally ended Friday afternoon, the Roosevelt softball team handed Allen Park its first Downriver League loss in three seasons.

The Bears won the game 14-10.

It was a game and a half played, making up the earlier rain delayed game and then playing the normally scheduled game.

Allen Park bounced back and won the second game 10-5.

In the first game earlier this season, the Bears took a 5-0 lead in the first inning before Allen Park found its groove and pushed ahead for an 8-5 lead before the game was suspended in the bottom of the fourth inning.

The Jags took a 10-6 lead into the sixth inning and then the Bears got things started.

Sydni Pauley smacked a homerun with a runner on first and two outs that brought the game within two.

An Allen Park throwing errors three batters later brought two across the plate and suddenly it was a tied game.

The tension grew into the bottom of the sixth. Roosevelt quickly retired three batters and got right back to work in the seventh, game-deciding inning.

A single gave the Bears an 11-10 lead and Selene Pauley stole home on an overthrown pitch for a 12-10 lead.

Sydni Pauley was out at first, but a runner on third scored and a sacrifice fly scored the fourth run of the inning for the final 14-10 score.

All of the second game’s action happened in the fourth inning.

The Jags used a huge top of the fourth to take a 9-0 lead after five singles, two doubles, a walk and a batter hit by a pitch.

With a mercy-win looming, the Bears opened things up in the bottom of the frame, scoring five runs of their own with a five singles and a walk.

The Jags added one more in the next at bat for the final score.

Roosevelt Coach Jackie Jagiello was thrilled with her team’s win over Allen Park and was proud of the girls for battling through the elements a few weeks ago as well as Friday.

“(Before) we started struggling, we started panicking and the rain was pouring,” she said. “There was just nothing working and then we just got a chance to breathe a little bit and every day we talked about it.

“I told them, look at the games you’ve played in a tournament where you scored eight runs in an inning. I just kept putting that into their head that this is no different.”

Roosevelt senior pitcher Miranda Macko was equally as thrilled with the win.

“I was really excited to come into the game,” she said. “I’ve been here since sophomore year and we haven’t beaten them.

“Ever year that was our biggest goal, to beat Allen Park, so beating them today was just ecstatic and exciting.”

Classmates Sydni Pauley and Tierney Runions echoed her thoughts.

“It felt good to accomplish one of my top goals this year,” Pauley said, with Runions agreeing.

“It was a long term goal,” Runions added. “We had so much confidence. We were waiting for such a long time and we were pumped and ready to go.”

Macko said the early bats helped the team win the game.

“Our hitting started off strong today, so that was a big up on us too,” she said.

Runions is excited about the last few weeks of league play and confident in her team.

“With our losses; I don’t think we should have anymore,” she said. “Those are lessons with us.”

Allen Park Coach Patsy Curnell, while disappointed with the loss, gave credit to the Bears.

“Bottom line is, when Allen Park doesn’t make the plays, we put ourselves into a predicament and any team has a chance,” she said. “And when Wyandotte hits the way they hit, you’re really lowering your chances of victory.

“They hit some nice, long balls and we didn’t make the plays. We just had to step it up and we didn’t do it; bottom line.

“They played very well and hit the ball and when you hit the ball, you’ve got a chance.”

Curnell said that while a first league loss in three seasons is difficult, there are lessons to be learned.

“I have no problem with the losses because you learn with each loss and I think what we learned today is you can overcome that,” she said. “We’re a new team and we’re setting our own records, so I was pleased with coming back and fighting the way they did.”

Both coaches are optimistic about the remainder of the season.

“I feel real good about where we’re at,” Curnell said. “Our pitching is there (and) I think we’re fine. We’ve just gotta keep making plays.”

Jagiello felt the same way about her squad.

“We’re just gonna drill it in their heads that they can’t give up, they can’t let up,” she said. “You never know if something’s gonna happen.”

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