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Poslaiko's first high school goal gives Marauders huge DRL win PHOTO GALLERY

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Scoring a goal is a good feeling.

Scoring your first high school goal is a pretty good feeling.

Scoring your first high school goal, which happens to be the game winner, is a great feeling.

Carlson’s Lauren Poslaiko is in her second year with the varsity soccer team and got her first goal Friday night in a huge win for the Marauders.

The 3-2 win over Truman was a big league win for Carlson, who moved into third place with one game left before the schedule shuffling for the DRL playoffs.

Truman was in third place coming into the match up and it was a must-win for the Marauders in a game that came down to the wire.

After two separate Carlson leads, Truman tied things up and it was tied 2-2 with less than two minutes to go.

That’s where Poslaiko came in.

The sophomore was awarded a free kick just to the left of the net.

With 1:28 to play, she set it up and blasted the shot to the back of the net as the rest of the field raced towards her in celebration.

“I honestly didn’t think it was going to be my kick,” she said after the win. “I thought it was going to be a PK, so I started backing off because I was assuming Kristina Torres was going to be taking it.”

But as luck would have it, it was Poslaiko’s to take and she got the game-winner and her first high school goal.

The sophomore’s only focus was not kicking the ball over.

“I’m just worried about keeping my head down and not kicking it over because being a defender, my biggest job is last minute situations to just clear it,” she said. “So, I’m just worried about keeping my head down and keeping it where it needs to be; aiming far post, near post, wherever I need to aim to put it in the net and keeping it down low enough that it’ll go in.”

Carlson Coach Steve Briggs was pleased with his sophomore for getting her first goal.

“Loren’s been trying to get a free kick for forever,” he said. “(She’s) solid.

“There’s time where she has a tough time realizing it’s eight by 24 and not eight and a half by 24 and a half and really that’s how close it is. She’s always that close; she’s just got the knack to put it in.”

Poslaiko was equally as pleased with the goal.

“I kept hitting the cross bar, hitting the cross bar, so for my first goal to be a game-winner is a big deal,” she said. “It’s very overwhelming, but it’s very rewarding.

“That was a nice first high school goal for me.”

Carlson took an early lead when Jordyn Fancis scored with just over a minute gone by, helped out by Kristina Torres.

Truman’s Emily Cossins tied it up about mid first and 10 minutes later, Torres added a goal to her assist for a 2-1 Carlson lead that held through the half.

Cossins scored her second of the night early in the second half and the game stayed tied for over half an hour until Poslaiko took her free kick.

Briggs said the game was nerve-wracking but a huge win for his team.

“Ball control, possession, we did everything we were supposed to do,” he said after the win. “We passed, we moved off the ball; it was a total team effort.”

The win bumped the Marauders over the visiting Cougars in the DRL standings and gave Briggs comfort in a loss a few weeks ago.

Before the Easter break, Carlson took a tough loss at the hands of Anderson. But the game against the Titans went to overtime, giving Carlson one point in the league standings; the point that’s holding them over Truman right now.

“As much as it pained me to lose in overtime, that overtime loss actually helped us,” Briggs said.

Moving forward, Briggs is focused on district pay.

“If we play solid the rest of the month, we might get to play in June,” he said.

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