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Riverview sweeps Hebda Cup PHOTO GALLERY

  • Riverview earned its second sweep in three years at Saturday's Hebda Memorial Challenge Cup Regatta in Wyandotte, taking the men's, women's and combined championships. Photo gallery by Frank Wladyslawski
  • The Crestwood boys get ready to load their boat during the 2014 Hebda Memorial Challenge Cup Regatta in Wyandotte. The squad will be back this Saturday for what will be the 51st annual Hebda Cup. (Photo Gallery - Press & Guide and News-Herald File Photos)

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When it comes to Downriver rowing, Riverview seems to be in the business of making history.

For the second time in three years, the Pirates came away with a complete sweep of the Hebda Memorial Challenge Cup Regatta, as they captured the women’s, men’s and overall championships Saturday morning in Wyandotte on the Detroit River.

Riverview is the only crew to ever win all three championships at once in the 50-year history of the Hebda Cup, as its 2012 and 2014 sweeps stand alone.

For the women, this year marked their fourth consecutive Hebda Cup championship, leaving them as only the second school ever, other than Grosse Ile, to win four in a row.

Riverview Coach Rich Kesor was impressed by how well his squad raced on Saturday, despite having limited practice time due to the extended cold weather this spring.

“We’ve only been on the water for a week,” he said. “Coming from where we were a week ago, to where we are now, they rowed better than I thought they would today. If that’s where we’re rowing today, next week we’ll be even faster.”

To celebrate the 50th Hebda Cup, organizers decided to take it back to its local roots this year and included only the six area teams that row out of the Wyandotte Boat Club, which are Riverview, Grosse Ile, Roosevelt, Carlson, Anderson and Crestwood.

For the day, Roosevelt was second at the Hebda Cup behind the Pirates in the battle for the combined championship and Grosse Ile was third.

On the women’s side, Grosse Ile and Roosevelt tied for second, while the Roosevelt men were in second all alone and Crestwood was third.

The Riverview women took first place in the Quad, the Junior Four and the Varsity Eight and took second in the Varsity Four, Lightweight Four and the Novice Eight.

On the men’s side, the Pirates captured the Junior Four, the Varsity Four, the Junior Eight and the Varsity Eight and took second in the Dash Eight.

Roosevelt’s women won the Junior Eight and the Novice Eight and finished second in the Novice Four and the Dash Eight.

The Bears got victories from their Men in the Novice Eight and Dash Eight and second-place finishes in the Junior Four, Varsity Four, Novice Four, Quad, Lightweight Four, Junior Eight and the Varsity Eight.

Grosse Ile’s women captured the Novice Four, Varsity Four, Lightweight Four, Varsity Double and Dash Eight and claimed second in the Junior Eight and Varsity Eight.

On the men’s side, the Red Devils’ won the Lightweight Four.

For Crestwood, the men were victorious in the Varsity Double, Novice Four and the Quad and finished second in the Novice Eight.

The Anderson women picked up second-place finishes in the Quad and Varsity Double, while Titan men placed fourth in the same events.

For Carlson, the women placed fourth in the Novice Four, Dash Eight and Varsity Eight and on the men’s side the Marauders claimed third in the Junior Eight and fifth in the Dash Eight.

Next Saturday, all six teams will return to the same course for the 43rd annual Wyandotte High Schools Regatta (Wy-Hi), which will kick off at 8 a.m. The area rowers will be joined by several other schools, including crews from Saline, Cranbrook and the Grand Rapids area, as well as out-of-state squads like Marietta, OH, Parkersburg, WV and Mercyhurst, PA.

Riverview first-place boats

Women's Quad: Haley Reynolds, Erin Davis, Samantha Warren and Margaret Rausch

Women's Junior Four: Nina Smith, Allison Karl, Arianna Salas, Michelle Draves, and coxswain Ravyn Incillo

Women's Senior Eight: Haley Reynolds, Erin Davis, Nina Smith, Allison Karl, Arianna Salas, Michelle Draves, Samantha Warren, Margaret Rausch and coxswain Nina Brown

Men's Junior Four: Matt Floyd, Robert Rausch, Austin Irving, Josh Peters and coxswain Jordan Chico

Men's Senior Four: Lucas Sorenson, Ethan Molitor, Tim Rigotti, Jeremy House and coxswain Dale Desharnais

Men's Junior Eight: Stephen Orsargos, Ethan Molitor, Lucas Sorenson, Robert Rausch, Tim Rigotti, Josh Peters, Matt Floyd, Jeremy House and coxswain John Incillo

Men's Senior Eight: Stephen Orsargos, Ethan Molitor, Lucas Sorenson, Robert Rausch, Tim Rigotti, Kyle Wasilewski, Austin Irving, Andrew Campbell and coxswain John Incillo

Roosevelt first-place boats

Men’s Dash Eight: Dexter DeShantz-Cook, Mike Kiczenski, Robert Shockley, Jake Pitcher, Brian Lange, Joel Whitehead, Justin Oswald, Trent Kulcher and coxswain Sarah Pappas.

Men’s Novice Eight: Matt Harris, Tyler Stepaniak, Alex Beardon, Kevin Koberg, Evan Arminiak, Dawson King, Jerald Conz, Pat Hickey and coxswain Jeremy Weijacha

Women’s Junior Eight: Clare Sutka, Anna Edwards, Nora Fillie, Mystical Greene, Maddie Romatowski, Lexi Long, Lindsey Trevino, Kaylee Justice and coxswain Alex Bowlby

Women’s Novice Eight: Alicia Lawyer, Emily Lerman, Elizabeth Carlson, Mercy Reyes, Macy Perovich, Gabby Kwilas, Emily Sutka, Paige Manthie and coxswain Alex Bowlby.

Grosse Ile first-place boats

Men's Lightweight Four: Matt Hoying (coxswain), Lyle Antieau, Chris DeAngelis, Trevor Lamb and Donnie Jensen

Women's Dash Eight: Rachel Antieau (coxswain), Erica DesJardins, Lydia Hsu, Nicole Marek, Emma Alford, Kelly Farrell, Alexis Miller, Paige Krohn and Hannah Whitaker

Women's Varsity Four: Shelby Rein (coxswain), Nicole Marek, Emma Alford, Kelly Farrell and Paige Krohn

Women's Varsity Double: Nicole Marek and Kelly Farrell

Women's Lightweight Four: Rachel Antieau (coxswain), Erica DesJardins, Lydia Hsu, Hannah Whitaker and Emma Valiquette

Full Results

Women's Dash Eight

1. Grosse Ile, 2:13.38; 2. Roosevelt, 2:16.63; 3. Riverview, 2:17.63; 4. Carlson, 2:24.91; Crestwood, 3:21.88.

Men's Dash Eight

1. Roosevelt, 1:48.05; 2. Riverview, 1:50.99; 3. Crestwood, 1:53.48; 4. Grosse Ile, 1:55.50; 5. Carlson, 2:06.93.

Women's Novice Four

1. Grosse Ile, 8:18.44; 2. Roosevelt A., 8:23.72; 3. Riverview, 9:13.82; 4. Carlson, 9:45.12; 5. Roosevelt B., 10:14.07; 6. Crestwood, 10:24.19.

Men's Novice Eight

1. Roosevelt, 6:56.75; 2. Crestwood, 7:18.75; 3. Riverview, 8:08.66.

Women's Four Quad

1. Riverview, 8:26.79; 2. Anderson, 9:00.17; 3. Crestwood, 10:08.97.

Men's Junior Four

1. Riverview A., 7:05.25; 2. Roosevelt A., 7:23.97; 3. Roosevelt B., 7:31.84; 4. Crestwood, 7:37.22; 5. Grosse Ile, 7:48.59; 6. Riverview B., 7:54.25.

Women's Junior Eight

1. Roosevelt, 7:23.22; 2. Grosse Ile, 7:39.37; 3. Riverview, 9:38.90.

Men's Varsity Double

1. Crestwood, 6:55.84; 2. Anderson B., 7:06.56; 3. Grosse Ile, 7:08.92; 4. Roosevelt B., 7:53.56; 5. Anderson A., 8:06.53; 6. Roosevelt A., 8:39.50; 7. Riverview, 8:53.28.

Women's Varsity Four

1. Grosse Ile, 8:37.54; 2. Riverview, 9:31.97; 3. Roosevelt, 9:36.22.

Women's Lightweight Four

1. Grosse Ile, 8:31.20; 2. Riverview, 8:33.54; 3. Crestwood, 11:57.55.

Men's Varsity Four

1. Riverview, 7:09.13; 2. Roosevelt B., 7:21.60; 3. Roosevelt A., 7:52.57; 4. Grosse Ile, 8:07.28; 5. Crestwood, 8:36.47; 6. Carlson, 13:45.22.

Women's Varsity Double

1. Grosse Ile, 9:41.00; 2. Anderson B., 10:14.53; 3. Anderson A., 11:21.59.

Women's Novice Eight

1. Roosevelt, 9:00.10; 2. Riverview, 9:02.57; 3. Grosse Ile, 11:21.59.

Men's Novice Four

1. Crestwood, 7:46.78; 2. Roosevelt A., 7:54.78; 3. Riverview, 9:06.35; 4. Grosse Ile, 9:24.25; 5. Roosevelt B., 9:49.94; 6. Carlson, 10:14.47.

Men's Four Quad

1. Crestwood, 6:55.51; 2. Roosevelt, 7:07.76; 3. Riverview, 7:16.57; 4. Anderson, 9:42.48.

Men's Junior Eight

1. Riverview, 3:33.60; 2. Roosevelt, 3:39.51; 3. Carlson, 4:39.91.

Women's Junior Four

1. Riverview A., 4:34.66; 2. Roosevelt, 4:50.07; 3. Riverview B., 5:09.41; 4. Grosse Ile, 5:24.41; 5. Carlson, 6:06.07.

Men's Lightweight Four

1. Grosse Ile, 4:11.47; 2. Roosevelt B., 4:26.53; 3. Riverview, 4:38.79; 4. Crestwood, 7:27.66.

Women's Varsity Eight

1. Riverview, 4:06.84; 2. Grosse Ile, 4:16.53; 3. Roosevelt, 4:34.91; 4. Carlson, 5:10.69; 5. Crestwood, 5:46.84.

Men's Varsity Eight

1. Riverview, 3:36.25; 2. Roosevelt A., 3:45.22; 3. Grosse Ile, 3:53.40; 5. Crestwood, 3:56.78; 5. Roosevelt B., 4:05.88; 6. Carlson, 4:37.41.

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