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Laekyn Jaciuk is a name well-known in the Downriver League community and for good reason.

If you want to know what a typical soccer game is like for the junior star, look no further than Wednesday’s game against Carlson.

Her team was down 2-0 at one point and ended with the 4-3 victory.

Jaciuk scored all three goals in regulation to force overtime. She also scored in the penalty kick round. Oh, and she was also goalie during that penalty kick round for her Titans.

With her team down 2-0 to Carlson at the half, Jaciuk knew she had to help boost her team to a win in a big Downriver League contest.

And it didn’t take a big speech at the half.

“Laekyn was outstanding,” Coach Larry Lankford said. “She stood up in front of the team and just smiled and said ‘we’ve got this,’

“That’s all she did. She just literally said ‘get me the ball’ and you see what she did.”

Jaciuk dominated the second half, first scoring on a penalty kick to but the deficit in half for a 2-1 score at that point.

With just over 16 minutes left, she buried a rebound to make it another one-goal game (3-2), and with 2:31 to play she got her hat trick and forced overtime.

Jaciuk knew how important the win was for her Titans.

“It’s a big confidence booster for our team,” she said. “We definitely needed to get a win to stay in the hunt for the DRL. We didn’t start off good, but I’m proud of the way the girls battled back.”

Laekyn said she simply told her team to keep their heads up and knew they wouldn’t give up.

“This team doesn’t quit,” she said. “That’s one thing we don’t do, even if we start off slow.

“I just told them keep their heads up; we’ve gotta keep working hard (and) we can’t stop until the game’s over.”

When on one scored in either of the two, 10-minute overtimes, Jaciuk went into the net for the round of penalty kicks. She took a break to take a shot on goal herself, which she buried.

In net, she says her brain is clear and not much is going through her head.

“I more just move around and psych out the kickers,” she said. “They’re the ones that have the pressure, not me.”

Jaciuk and her Titans have a long season ahead of them and the junior is sure to be the star of several more games.

But she will only look to Monday’s next DRL contest.

“You’ve gotta look at it one game at a time,” she said. “You can’t look ahead; every game is important.”

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