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Lincoln Park swimmer Robert Morgan battles multiple sclerosis, earns a swimming medal PHOTO

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At Friday’s Downriver League swim meet, Lincoln Park’s Robert Morgan was awarded a special Downriver League medal.

Morgan, a senior at Lincoln Park, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and was unable to participate in a high school sport until recently.

“He came to me early in the season and he wanted to try out for the team, but he couldn’t get a doctor to okay him,” Lincoln Park Coach Mike Higgins said. “Three weeks ago he finally came to me and the doctor gave him the okay.”

Since that day, Morgan has attended every swim practice with the goal of finishing a 50 free swim. The week before the league meet, he got it in.

“We told him if he could get his first 50, he could be here,” Higgins said. “He’s been working really hard. You couldn’t ask for a nicer kid.”

Although Morgan did not participate in the league meet, he was right on the pool deck, cheering on his team. Between races, when winners from previous races were announced, Morgan got his own announcement. With his teammates and coach standing close by, he was awarded a Downriver League swim medal for his participation this year.

“He got to come to a normal sporting event and do a normal thing and participate in a high school sports,” Higgins said. “There’s no other sport he could do. It made it very special for him.”

The Rails are going through a rebuilding year and Higgins said Morgan helped make the year memorable.

“It’s made this year special for everybody,” he said. “It’s pulled the team together in ways you wouldn’t expect.

“We needed something special to pull us together and this really was a defining moment for us.”

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