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Trenton exchange student and varsity bowler Ryu Ando quickly picked up the nuances of the sport after joining the school's team. Photo by Dave Gorgon


BOWLING: Exchange student Ryu Ando already a force for Trenton's bowling team (PHOTO)

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When the family of senior Drew Johnson opened its home to foreign-exchange student Ryu Ando of Japan, the Trenton High School varsity bowling team suddenly had an unexpected addition.

Ando, a junior, had never bowled in his homeland, but expressed interest in joining his new friend Johnson for tryouts at Parkway Lanes.

Ando surprised his new teammates and coach by averaging over 100 his first time bowling, “which was crazy,” Johnson said.

“The first time he walked to the foul line, he had a natural approach,” Trenton Coach Jeff Lizewski said.

Before long, Ando was carrying a 140 average. Four matches into the season, he was up to 158 for the 4-0 Trojans.

“It took me so long to average 140,” laughed Johnson, who now averages 207 and has won all six of his head-to-head matches against bowlers from other teams.

Ando said bowling is not a popular sport in Japan.

“Drew invited me to the bowling team,” Ando said. “Bowling is fun. If I get a strike, I am happy.”

Ando said that by participating in bowling, he has made new friends and his limited English has improved. He and Johnson also play baseball.

“I feel so honored to have Ryu on the team,” Lizewski said. “This is the first time we have an exchange student who never bowled before. I think it’s great.”

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