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Carlson's Olivia Trombley was a top performer in her team's 131-49 win against Edsel Ford Tuesday night. Photo by Tom Alexander

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SWIMMING: Carlson overpowers Edsel Ford (PHOTO)

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On Tuesday night in Gibraltar, the Carlson Marauders out swam the Edsel Ford Thunderbirds, winning the meet 131-49. Despite the blowout score, both squads had some standouts.

For the Marauders, they placed first in every event except the one-meter diving event. In the 200-yard medley, the Marauders placed first, second and fifth, while the Thunderbirds had placed third and fourth.

Led by junior Amanda Cameron, sophomore Olivia Trombley, and seniors Tessa Glover and Amelia Yacko (2:03.81), the Marauders A-team took first, while the B-team, led by freshman Tara Clark, juniors Sadie Murphey and Aubrey Meagher and sophomore McKenna Wietecha came in second (2:16.13).

For the Thunderbirds, their A-team, led by Allison Phillips, Hanna Paoletti, Morghanne Wood, and Emmalee O’Donnell finished third (2:18.50), while their B-team finished fourth (2:23.16), led by Marissa Franz, Caitlyn Villa, Megan Coleman and Tabatha Dillinder.

In the 200-yard freestyle, the Marauders swept the first three places. Finishing first was Trombley (2:16.50), followed by junior Melanie Kaczan (2:20.43), and Clark (2:23.10). The Thunderbirds finished in fourth and fifth to grab points, as Emma Costantino was fourth (2:23.08) and Courtney Dodge finished fifth (2:24.08).

In the 200-yard IM, the Marauders finished in two of the top three spots. Glover finished first (2:31.25), while Yacko finished second (2:37.03). Junior Maddie Blair finished fourth (2:41.94) for the Marauders as well.

For the Thunderbirds, Paoletti finished third (2:41.59), while Phillips finished fifth (3:00.44).

In the 50-yard freestyle, Carlson finished three in the top five. Sophomore Charlotte Brill finished first (28.16), while fellow sophomore Kennedy Percupchick finished third (29.27), and senior Sam Gallimore finished fourth (29.56).

Edsel Ford’s O’Donnell finished second (28.97), while Dillinder finished fifth (29.63).

In the one-meter diving, Lauren Bilicki of the Thunderbirds (146.95) beat out junior Marauder Cheyenne Francis (142.95) by less than four points.

In the 100-yard fly, the Marauders once again finished three in the top five places. Trombley finished first (1:08.60), while Gallimore finished second (1:18.90), and Murphy finished fifth (1:24.50).

For Edsel Ford, Paoletti finished second (1:17.63) and Villa finished third (1:23.00).

In the 100-yard freestyle, Edsel Ford finished three in the top five. Dodge finished second (1:03.34), while O’Donnell finished third (1:04.25), and Dillinder finished fifth (1:08.18). For the Marauders, Blair finished in first (1:02.75) and Brill in fourth (1:05.59).

In the 500-yard freestyle, the Marauders once again finished three in the top five. Cameron finished first (5:55.81), while Kaczan finished in second (6:13.18), and junior Chelsea Plogh finished fifth (6:22.90).

Costantinio finished third (6:20.44) and Sarah Anderson finished fifth (6:35.97) for the Thunderbirds.

In the 200-yard freestyle relay, the Marauders finished first and second to the Thunderbirds third place. Leading the way for the Carlson A-team was Yacko, Kaczan, Glover and Brill who finished first (1:54.28).

For the Marauder B-team, they finished second (2:00.34), led by Gallimore, Murphy, Blair and Meagher.

The Thunderbirds A-team finished third (2:02.84) led by Dillinder, Costantino, Dodge, and O’Donnell.

In the 100-yard backstroke, the Marauders finished in the first three places. Clark finished first (1:08.50), Cameron finished second (1:10.00), and Yacko finished third (1:13.75).

Franz finished fourth (1:17.13) and Phillips finished fifth (1:17.14) for the Thunderbirds.

In the 100-yard breaststroke, the Marauders once again finished in the top three. Glover came in first (1:16.56), Wietecha finished second (1:21.50), and Plohg finished third (1:26.22). Coleman finished fourth (1:30.16) and Wood fifth (1:32.16) for Edsel Ford.

In the last event of the meet, where the Marauders had it all but won, Carlson finished first and second, while the Thunderbirds finished third in the 400-yard freestyle relay. Carlson’s A-team came in first, led by Brill, Cameron, Blair, and Trombley (4:16.52) while their B-team came in second (4:23.63), led by Kaczan, Percupchick, Gallimore, and Clark.

Edsel Ford’s A-team finished third (4:35.19) led by Murphy, Anderson, Costantino and Paoletti.

Overall, Carlson Coach Sarah Dee was pleased with her team’s performance, but believes they can improve. “I think we weren’t necessarily on our A-game tonight, I think we had a few slow swims, we’ve been hitting the yards kind of hard early this week so the girls are a little bit tired, but they still swam ok.”

“I think it’s just important to continue the pace that we’ve been practicing at and just building the girls endurance so that they are prepared for News-Herald’s,” said Carlson Assistant Coach Allie Traylor.

On the other side of the pool, Thunderbirds Coach Bill Parker likes to line up out-of-league opponents to toughen up his team. “We had some girls that did pretty well,” said Parker. “We’ve had really tough meets already; within our own league we’re not too bad.”

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