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Host Grosse Ile, Woodhaven, Roosevelt score wins

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By Hank Minckiewicz

The News-Herald

Saturday was a big day for the host Grosse Ile cheerleading team, not only because it won the News-Herald Invitational, but because it beat the No. 1-ranked team in the state while doing it.

Grosse Ile won the Division 3 portion of the meet, posted the highest score among all teams attending and beat top-ranked Pontiac Notre Dame 709-705.54.

“This was a huge win for us,” said Grosse Ile Coach Jayme Judd. “Notre Dame Prep has been ranked first in the state for three weeks in a row and we have been ranked sixth.

“The girls really stepped it up Saturday to pull out a win in their own gym and I am so proud of them.”

Grosse Ile got off to a good start and led the competition from the first round on. Notre Dame beat the Devils in the final series, but by then Grosse Ile had too big a lead to be caught.

The Red Devils are Sabhin Butto, Brittany Evans, Christina Hoelzle, Emily Arnett, Olivia Koklanaris, Ciara Nellebach, Brooke Richards, Isabella Rista, Sydney Sexton, Kali Gajewski, Kelsey Garner, Emily Gronda, Madison Kelly, Clara Lyons, Madeline Merolla, Annie Rodgers, Aubrey Collins, Natalie Kaspryzyk, Courtney Gaither, Erin McCarty and Olivia Pesta

Woodhaven stepped up to win the Division 1 title with 646.86 points and Roosevelt beat Trenton 686.72-654.14 for the Division 2 crown.

The Warriors, who have only three seniors, are Kaylyn Teffault, Avery Sherbrook, Victoria Pusateri, Ashlyn Paillon, Alexis Paillon, Hannah Meade, Marisa Ledbetter, Hannah Jasinski, Jazmin Hollis, Montana Hatcher, Jessica Goulet, Roshelle Germann, Kelsey Cottingim, Taylor Cook, Bianca Benevides and Phobe Baning.

The Roosevelt team is Brooklynn Zanski, Erin Young, Kelsey Williamson, Jessica Valenzuela, Cassidy Tepfenhart, Savanah Streeter, Angela Solgot, Rebecca Schlimmer, Panela Patterson, Breanna Ledesma, Amanda Jones, Sierra Harris, Katelyn Gould, Emily Cousino, Megan Corder, Kendra Chaney and Miranda Caudill.

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