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FOOTBALL: Bloomfield Hills Andover disbands program three weeks into season

Andover was set to merge with Lahser after this season

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The Bloomfield Hills Andover football program is officially deceased after the program was disbanded just three weeks into the season on Tuesday.

Multiple players on Andover were on Twitter Tuesday night tweeting out the news, saying 11 players showed up to practice on Tuesday and were informed of the decision by the school district.

After this season, Andover and Bloomfield Hills Lahser were set to merge into one program.

Attempts to reach Andover co-head coach Mike Boyd were unsuccessful.

Andover was supposed to host Ferndale on Friday, and Ferndale head coach Ryan Dunlap confirmed that his athletic director received word from Andover that the program was being disbanded.

“I think it’s really unfortunate,” Dunlap said. “I think that the people in the Bloomfield Hills school district made the wrong decision. There are a lot things I would like answered but I haven’t been able to.”

Of course, this throws the Oakland Activities Association Blue Division schedule in flux since the remaining league opponents on Andover’s schedule essentially have bye weeks now, starting with Ferndale on Friday.

Other remaining league opponents for Andover were supposed to be Birmingham Seaholm, Birmingham Groves, Auburn Hills Avondale and Royal Oak.

"The rest of the league is going to suffer," Dunlap said. "Now we don't get to play a game on Friday night."

A once proud program that was one of the most consistently good programs in the county, Andover hadn’t had a winning season since going 10-2 and advancing to a Division 3 regional final in 2004.

The Barons were 0-3 this season and were outscored by a 187-20 margin.

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Last Updated: 9/12/2012 7:16:20 PM EST

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