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West Bloomfield's Hawkins a unique state qualifier WITH PHOTO GALLERY

  • West Bloomfield senior John Hawkins gets a congratulatory hug after securing a spot in the state wrestling tournament. (MIPrepZone photo).
  • Pontiac's Efrain Ortiz (left) competes against Andrew Yan of Troy Athens at the OAA Blue tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Novi Detroit Catholic Central's Tyler Morland (left) competes against Hiram Robinson of Wyandotte Roosevelt at regionals. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Joe Eisho (left) of Hazel Park tries to get out of a bind. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Joe Eisho of Hazel Park competes in regional action. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Kevon Davenport (left) of Novi Detroit Catholic Central is in control again. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Hazel Park's Joe Eisho (left) competes at the OAA Blue tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Ferndale coach John Bassier eyes the action. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Kemonte Simons, formerly of Hazel Park and Southfield, now holds up the banner for Detroit Mumford. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Oxford coaches Paul McDevitt (left) and Brandon Rank are in familiar positions. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Holly's Nathan Young (left) is among the Broncos' three state representatives. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Nick Jenkins is back lookking for another state title. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Pontiac's Efrain Ortiz (left) and Andrew Yan of Troy Athens could meet again down the line. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Kevon Davenport is seeking another state title. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • The Utica Eisenhower coaching staff will be present and accounted for at the state tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Rhett Newton of Novi Detroit Catholic Central is ready and willing. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Oxford's Sergio Borg (left) competes at the team regional. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Stone Moscovic competes at the team state tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Aidan Wagh (right) is still in contention for a state medal. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Ben Kamali (right) is seeking another state title. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Tyler Morland, unbeaten this season, will be hard to defeat. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Oxford coach Brandon Rank hopes to urge his wrestlers on. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Ben Kamali has been a strong contributor to the Shamrocks. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Oxford's Byron Schlickenmeyer is comfortable in big tournaments. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Clarkston's Chris Calvano wants to make this state tournament count. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Avondale's Torey Coleman is making a first-time appearance at the state tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Conor Donahue of Clarkston is among the Wolves' state qualifiers. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Hazel Park coach Dale Hart (left) analyzes the action at the OAA Blue tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central's Cameron Amine is seeking another state title. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Farmington's Donovan King is among the Falcons' state qualifiers. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Ferndale's Donovan Pitts-Reed and South Lyon East's Tony Cavotta compete during regional competition. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Oxford's Devin Trevino (right) is making his case as a medal contender. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • State qualifiers from the Division 2 regional at Carleton Airport. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Farmington's Donovan King (left) was among the state qualifiers from the D2 regional at Carleton Airport. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Catholic Central coach Mitch Hancock will be busy with 14 state qualifiers representing the Shamrocks. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Pontiac's Efrian Ortiz (middle) was among the state qualifiers from the D2 regional at Marysville. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • OAA Wrestling Meet at Lake Orion High School Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016. (MIPrepZone photo / LARRY McKEE)
  • Walled Lake Central's Warren Stanfield has only one loss entering the state tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Walled Lake Northern's Nick Welch will be the Knights' lone state representative. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Waterford Kettering's Mark Brado is in a tough weight division for the state tournament. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Anchor Bay's Jack Medley and Lakeland's Nolan Klapec are in state tournament action again. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Jack Olson of Ortonville Brandon has the advantage at the D2 regional at Goodrich. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Cade Dallwitz of Holly is among the Bronchos' three state qualifiers. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Josh Edmond of Orchard Lake St. Mary's won a regional title at Goodrich. (MIPrepZone photo)
  • Clawson's Katlyn Pizzo, a two-time state qualifier, is one of four state qualifiers for the Trojans. (MIPrepZone photo)

Clawson's Katlyn Pizzo also among area's qualifiers

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Among those area wrestlers who will compete at the individual state tournament March 2-4 at the Palace of Auburn Hills are returning state champions, first-timers and even some females.

And there are those in the category of John Hawkins of West Bloomfield, who are few and far between.

Hawkins, home schooled since kindergarten, latched on to West Bloomfield High his senior year because it offered a college credit program through Oakland Community College. "Right now I'm taking six college credits," said Hawkins, who took six college credits last semester.

While Hawkins was thinking ahead, he decided to jump back into wrestling, a sport in which he picked up as a nine-year old, but hadn't participated since the eighth grade. "I thought I was going to forget it, but it came back (and) I got my endurance back (too)," said Hawkins, a 135-pounder who embraces the one-on-one competition. "It's all up to you, you can't blame (anyone)."

He secured his state position by placing third at the Hartland regional.

Now, he's one of the survivors with a chance to medal if he makes it to the third day of competition. He and teammate Brandon Munson, a 112-pounder, are the lone representatives for the Lakers.

Veterans such as Walled Lake Central's Ben Freeman, making his fourth trip to state as he seeks a fourth state title, and Clawson's Katlyn Pizzo, the lone female from Oakland County, are also in the hunt for medals.

With 14 state qualifiers, Novi Detroit Catholic Central leads all teams in number of state qualifiers. That includes returning state champions Tyler Morland (171), Ben Kamali (112), Kevon Davenport (130), Cameron Amine (145) and Nick Jenkins (285).

Here's a list of state qualifiers in Oakland County and the regional tourney in which they competed.

Region 1 D1 at Oxford

160 - Devin Trevino, Oxford, Soph. 44-6

189 - Andrew Yan, Troy Athens, Junior, 46-6

215 - Byron Schlickenmeyer, Oxford, Senior, 34-4

215 - Brandon Egres, Waterford Kettering, Senior, 37-12

285 - Ben Petersmark, Rochester Adams, Senior, 23-3

103 - Mark Brado, Waterford Kettering, Sophomore, 40-4

103 - Blake Noonan, Stoney Creek, Freshman, 40-7

112 - Mac Hanselman, Clarkston, Sophomore 32-11

119 - Daltan Myers, Oxford, Junior, 16-13

130 - Conor Donahue, Clarkston, Sophomore, 36-6

130 - Max Katsiroubas, Waterford Mott, Senior, 28-6

130 - Garrett Tyrrell, Oxford, Senior, 39-10

135 - Sergio Borg, Oxford, Junior, 23-5

135 - Jacob Rygielski, Clarkston, Senior, 34-14

140 - Ryan Miller, Oxford, Junior, 32-13

140 - Anthony Gonzalez, Waterford Kettering, Junior, 32-7

145 - Caleb Tabert, Oxford, Sophomore, 40-12

152 - Jake Calvano, Clarkston, Senior, 25-10

152 - Trent Myre, Oxford, Sophomore, 38-14

Region 3 D1 at Saline

171 - Tyler Morland, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Senior, 33-0

171 - Easton Turner, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Sophomore, 24-9

189 - Dane Flynn, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Senior, 29-9

215 - Jackson Ross, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Senior, 24-9

285 - Nick Jenkins, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Senior, 42-1

103 - Devon Johnsen, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Junior, 32-11

112 - Benyamin Kamali, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Junior, 37-3

112 - Rhett Newton, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Sophomore, 31-8

119 - Derek Gilcher, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Freshman, 29-8

125 - Stone Moscovic, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Junior, 28-11

130 - Kevon Davenport, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Sophomore, 39-3

140 - Joseph Urso, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Sophomore, 35-13

145 - Cameron Amine, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Sophomore, 41-3

152 - Aidan Wagh, Novi Detroit Catholic Central, Junior, 30-12

Region 4 D1 at Hartland

160 - Josh Jernagin, Walled Lake Central, Senior, 27-10

160 - Michael Jacobs, Lakeland, Senior, 22-10

171 - Max Doggett, Southfield A&T, Senior, 29-1

189 - Nick Onwenu, Walled Lake Central, Junior, 40-7

215 - Connor Merchant, Walled Lake Central, Junior, 29-9

215 - Kameron Carter, Milford, Sophomore, 28-6

285 - Zach Doran, North Farmington, Senior, 22-3

103 - TJ Daugherty, Walled Lake Central, Freshman, 38-5

112 - Brandon Munson, West Bloomfield, Junior, 41-12

125 - Isaiah Berry, Southfield A&T, Junior, 17-1

125 - Nolan Klapec, Lakeland, Senior, 17-5

130 - Warren Stanfield III, Walled Lake Central, Senior, 46-1

135 - Nick Freeman, Walled Lake Central, Junior, 31-1

135 - Nick Welch, Walled Lake Northern, Senior, 38-9

135 - John Hawkins, West Bloomfield, Senior, 40-7

135 - Micha Mydloski, Birmingham Groves, Junior, 31-13

140 - Ben Freeman, Walled Lake Central, Senior, 30-0

140 - Colin Takata, Birmingham Groves, Senior, 45-2

145 - Tanner Bryan, Walled Lake Central, Sophomore, 13-9

Region 5 D2 at Marysville

171 - Cade Dallwitz, Holly, Sophomore, 40-5

189 - Efrain Ortiz, Pontiac, Senior, 38-5

285 - Blake Querio, Holly, Sophomore, 24-10

103 - Nathan Young, Holly, Freshman, 37-7

112 - Jack Olson, Ortonville Brandon, Senior, 44-9

135 - Josh Edmond, Orchard Lake St. Mary's, Freshman, 49-0

135 - Torey Coleman, Auburn Hills Avondale, Freshman, 36-12

Region 8 D2 at Carleton Airport

189 - Donovan Pitts-Reed, Ferndale, Sophomore, 28-6

189 - Tony Cavotta, South Lyon East, Senior, 36-9

285 - Donovan King, Farmington, Sophomore, 42-4

125 - Joe Eisho, Hazel Park, Junior, 40-5

130 - Jake Justice, Farmington, Junior, 42-5

130 - Matt Tomsett, Madison Heights Lamphere, Sophomore, 42-6

Region 10 D3 at Richmond

103 - Katlyn Pizzo, Clawson, Senior, 42-9

112 - Alexander Shrum, Clawson, Freshman, 28-17

112 - Allan Davis, Clawson, Freshman, 23-7

152 - Max Sandzik, Clawson, Junior, 5-4

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