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All Swimming - Boys Stories

Royal Oak High swimmer Zach Zatina made quite a splash for the Ravens. He leads our All Area Team. (For the Daily Tribune/LIZ CARNEGIE)

Swimming - Boys

Daily Tribune releases its 2014 all-area swim team

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2013-14 Daily Tribune Swimming & Diving Dream Team

Patrick Bucher, Junior, Hazel Park, freestyle: At the OAA Blue Meet he finished 13th in the 200 free and 15th in the 100 free.

Thaddeus Closson, Senior, Ferndale, freestyle/IM: At the OAA Blue Meet he finished 2nd in the 200 IM and 3rd in the 100 free.

Garrett DiCarlo, Sophomore, Lamphere, freestyle: At the MAC Gold Meet he finished 2nd in the 200 free and 1st in the 500 free. This is his second year being on the The Daily Tribune Dream Team.

Luke DiCarlo, Senior, Lamphere, IM/breaststroke: At the MAC Gold Meet, he finished 3rd in the 200 IM and 2nd in the 100 breast.

Caleb Duchan, Sophomore, Berkley, freestyle: At the OAA White Meet he finished 3rd in the 200 free and 2nd in the 500 free.

Eli Falk, Sophomore, Berkley, freestyle/butterfly: At the OAA White Meet, he finished 1st in the 100 fly and 3rd in the 50 free.

Chuckie Hemple, Senior, Hazel Park, breaststroke/freestyle: At the OAA Blue Meet, he finished 8th in the 100 breast and 128h in the 100 free.

Ryan Noechel, Senior, Royal Oak, freestyle/breaststroke: At the OAA Blue Division Championships, he finished 5th in the 50 Free, 1st in the 100 breast, 1st in the 200 medley relay, and 1st in the 200 free relay. He can be found in the Royal Oak Top 10 Club in 4th place in the 100 breast. Noechel was a county and MISCA meet qualifier. He is a Royal Oak and OAA Scholar Athlete.

Griffin Olis, Senior, Troy Athens, diving: At the OAA White Meet, he finished 1st in diving. He was an all league diver at the OAA White Meet. At the state diving regionals he finished 4th. It was his second trip to both the diving regionals and the state meet.

Joe Pongrac, Freshman, Troy Athens, IM/freestyle: At the OAA White Meet, he finished 9th in the 200 IM and 9th in the 500 free. He is the only freshman on the Dream Team.

Nick Schoenknecht, Sophomore, Ferndale, freestyle/backstroke: At the OAA Blue Meet, he finished 11th in the 200 Free and 8th in the 100 Back.

Zach Zatina, Senior, Royal Oak, freestyle: At the OAA Blue Division Championships, he finished 1st in the 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Medley Relay, and 200 Free Relay. He was named Senior of the Meet. He can be found in the Royal Oak Top 10 Club in 6th place for the 200 Free, 7th in the 200 IM, 1st in the 50 Free, 4th in the 100 Fly, 1st in the 100 Free, and 9th in the 500 Free. Zach was a state qualifier in the 50 and 100 Free. At the state meet he finished 8th in the 50 free and earned all-state honors. In the 100 Free he placed 10th at the state meet. He set team records in both events. This is his second year on the Dream Team.

All Area First Team

Ian Avery, Lamphere, Sophomore, Freestyle/Backstroke

Jacob Ayers, Hazel Park, Junior, IM

Chris Breen, Royal Oak, Sophomore, IM/Distance

Ezekiel Cannon, Ferndale, Senior, Freestyle/Butterfly

Gabe Gedda-Shaheen, Berkley, Senior, Freestyle/Backstroke

Andrew Guilbert, Athens, Senior, Diving

James Mack, Royal Oak, Sophomore, IM/Breaststroke

Stuart Olenick, Berkley, Senior, Diving

Deivan Prince, Ferndale, Sophomore, Butterfly/Backstroke

Isaac Raif, Lamphere, Junior, Freestyle/Butterfly

Christian Schneider, Athens, Junior, Backstroke

Colin Truba, Hazel Park, Freshman, Breaststroke

All Area Honorable Mention

Andrew Britton, Athens, Senior, Butterfly

Josh Bylski, Hazel Park, Sophomore, Backstroke

Jonathan Cher, Berkley, Freshman, IM/Distance

Ben Cooper, Royal Oak, Freshman, IM/Butterfly

Stuart Craig, Berkley, Junior, Freestyle/Backstroke

Jacob Czarnik, Royal Oak, Junior, Distance

Andrew D’Amore-Braver, Athens, Sophomore, Diving

Alex DeJaeghere, Lamphere, Junior, Distance

Michael Gombos, Athens, Junior, Backstroke

Jonathan Li, Athens, Sophomore, Breaststroke

Joe Mangum, Royal Oak, Junior. Freestyle/Backstroke

Anthony Marsh, Ferndale, Sophomore, Distance

Noland Miziko, Hazel Park, Sophomore, Backstroke

Jacob Myers, Berkley, Senior, Butterfly/Breaststroke

Zach Walter, Berkley, Senior, Diving

Justin Watkins, Royal Oak, Freshman, IM/Butterfly

All Area Top Performances

200 Medley Relay

Royal Oak, 1:46.63

Berkley, 1:51.80

Athens, 1:53.17

Ferndale, 1:55.28

Lamphere, 2:09.68

Hazel Park, 2:09.96

200 Freestyle

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 1:50.11

Caleb Duchan, Berkley, 1:56.95

Garret DiCarlo, Lamphere, 1:59.48

Jacob Czarnik, Royal Oak, 2:00.09

Gabe Gedda-Shaheen, Berkley, 2:02.84

Chris Breen, Royal Oak, 2:05.16

Ian Avery, Lamphere, 2:08.00

Brandon Kohl, Athens, 2:08.52

Nathan Fleck, Athens, 2:10.31

Nick Schoenknecht, Ferndale, 2:10.48

Patrick Bucher, Hazel Park, 2:12.45

Alex DeJaeghere, Lamphere, 2:20.61

Richard Behr, Hazel Park, 2:20.94

Will Waters, Athens, 2:21.18

Tony Adams, Ferndale, 2:23.67

200 IM

Joe Pongrac, Troy Athens, 2:09.03

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 2:13.24

Thaddeus Closson, Ferndale, 2:13.44

Chris Breen, Royal Oak, 2:16.42

James Mack, Royal Oak, 2:17.63

Luke DiCarlo, Lamphere, 2:24.34

Jonathan Cher, Berkley, 2:24.51

Bryan Sharp, Athens, 2:29.35

Forrest Yang, Athens, 2:32.58

Colton Teicher, Berkley, 2:35.76

Jacob Ayres, Hazel Park, 2:36.45

Jacob Nash, Lamphere, 2:37.92

Antony Marsh, Ferndale, 2:38.07

Colin Truba, Hazel Park, 2:39.66

Cameron Berke, Berkley, 2:40.55

50 Freestyle

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 21.53

Eli Falk, Berkley, 22.97

Ryan Noechel, Royal Oak, 23.82

Thaddeus Closson, Ferndale, 24.02

Jake Ryan, Royal Oak, 25.22

Zach Gedda-Shaheen, Berkley, 25.58

Robert Cherry, Athens, 25.86

Nick Schoenknecht, Ferndale, 26.05

Kevin Schwarz, Athens, 26.05

Ezekiel Cannon, Ferndale, 26.08

Nathan Fleck, Athens, 26.22

Isaac Rais, Lamphere, 26.23

Timur Aminov, Athens, 26.50

Kreg Dilano, Hazel Park, 26.74

Chuckie Hemple, Hazel Park, 26.88

Zach Walter, Berkley, 27.10

Austin Chrysler, Lamphere, 27.68

James Schmidt, Lamphere, 28.96

Diving (6 Dives)

Griffin Olis, Athens. 227.20

Stuart Oleinick, Berkley, 223.85

Andrew Guilbert, Athens, 202.40

Zach Walter, Berkley, 172.85

Andrew D’Amore-Braver, Athens, 122.70

Nick Crane, Royal Oak, 113.45

100 Butterfly

Eli Falk, Berkley, 57.41

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 57.70

Andrew Britton, Athens, 1:01.18

Michael Gombos, Athens, 1:03.51

Ben Cooper, Royal Oak, 1:04.54

Sam Kuznia, Royal Oak, 1:05.59

Jacob Ayres, Hazel Park, 1:06.73

Jacob Myers, Berkley, 1:06.73

Christian Schroeder, Athens, 1:07.01

Ezekiel Cannon, Ferndale, 1.08.82

Isaac Rais, Lamphere,1:10.77

Devian Prince, Ferndale, 1:14.45

Kyle Pitt, Lamphere, 1:18.06

Matt Morey, Lamphere, 1:23.04

100 Freestyle

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 47.50

Thaddeus Closson, Ferndale, 51.90

Jake Ryan, Royal Oak, 54.87

Stuart Craig, Berkley, 55.56

Ben Cooper, Royal Oak, 55.60

Zach Gedda-Shaheen, Berkley, 57.44

Robert Cherry, Athens, 59.07

Timur Aminov, Athens, 59.58

Jeremiah Thorton, Ferndale, 1:00.02

Patrick Bucher, Hazel Park, 1:00.96

Joseph Leverette, Berkley, 1:01.34

Anthony Marsh, Ferndale, 1:02.75

Austin Chrysler, Lamphere, 1:05.56

James Schmidt, Lamphere, 1:05.84

Al Sajib, Lamphere, 1:26.67

500 Freestyle

Joe Pongrac, Athens, 5:10.80

Caleb Duchan, Berkley, 5:11.54

Chris Breen, Royal Oak, 5:18.33

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 5:20.98

Jacob Czarnik, Royal Oak, 5:24.49

Garrett DiCarlo, Lamphere, 5:32.42

Jonathan Cher, Berkley, 5:54.29

Nathan Fleck, Athens, 6:03.15

Alex DeJaeghere, Lamphere, 6:05.54

Brandon Kohl, Athens, 6:05.91

Anthony Marsh, Ferndale, 6:11.36

James Stachursky, Hazel Park, 6:19.75

Ryan Monaghan, Lamphere, 6:39.16

Andrew Lisiscki, Hazel Park, 6:42.32

Griffin Batcheller, Berkley, 6:42.89

200 Freestyle Relay

Royal Oak, 1:34.46

Athens, 1:39.84

Lamphere, 1:41.60

Ferndale, 1:42.33

Berkley, 1:44.60

Hazel Park, 1:47.96

100 Backstroke

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 1:03.46

Christian Schroeder, Athens, 1:03.93

Cameron Berke, Berkley, 1:03.98

Gabe Gedda-Shaheen, Berkley, 1:04.15

Joe Mangum, Royal Oak, 1:04.46

Michael Gombos, Athens, 1:04.65

Justin Watkins, Royal Oak, 1:05.55

Stuart Craig, Berkley, 1:07.04

Ian Avery, Lamphere, 1:07.21

Deivan Prince, Ferndale, 1:07.82

Nick Schoenknecht, Ferndale, 1:08.82

Jason Yee, Athens, 1:11.54

Richard Behr, Hazel Park, 1:15.08

Josh Bylski, Hazel Park, 1:19.96

Noland Miziko, Hazel Park, 1:23.79

Matt Morey, Lamphere, 1:24.19

Greg Onderbeke, Lamphere, 1:25.37

100 Breaststroke

Ryan Noechel, Royal Oak, 1:05.78

Andrew Britton, Athens, 1:06.39

Zach Zatina, Royal Oak, 1:08.89

James Mack, Royal Oak, 1:09.75

Jonathan Li, Athens, 1:11.23

Luke DiCarlo, Lamphere, 1:11.45

Colton Teicher, Berkley, 1:13.10

Jacob Myers, Berkley, 1:13.68

Chuckie Hemple, Hazel Park, 1:16.80

Bryan Sharp, Athens, 1:17.12

Colin Truba, Hazel Park, 1:18.14

Jacob Nash, Lamphere, 1:18.43

Griffin Batcheller, Berkley, 1:20.50

Will McElgum, Ferndale, 1:23.58

Andrew Harper, Ferndale, 1:25.38

Al Sajib, Lamphere, 1:51.89

400 Freestyle Relay

Berkley, 3:35.49

Royal Oak, 3:40.34

Athens, 3:43.53

Lamphere, 3:50.56

Ferndale, 4:08.64

Hazel Park, 4:18.61

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