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Southfield's Keith Lee (left) and Hazel Park's Joe Saferian went head-to-head. (The Oakland Press/MARVIN GOODWIN)


WRESTLING: West Bloomfield sews up OAA White tourney title WITH TOUT VIDEO

Lakers' Bahro leads five individual champions

Logan Mendelson of Birmingham Groves had the advantage over Sean Sharay of Hazel Park in their 189-pound match. (The Oakland Press/MARVIN GOODWIN)

West Bloomfied's Peter Kamash (right) kept Southfied's Donte Humphrey in check during their 125-pound match. (The Oakland Press/MARVIN GOODWIN)

Jalen Adams (left) of Hazel Park stretched out Evan Starr of North Farmington en route to a his early-round victory. (The Oakland Press/MARVIN GOODWIN)

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SOUTHFIELD — Having sliced through the league schedule undefeated, West Bloomfield’s wrestling squad made it official Friday at the OAA White tournament.

The Lakers racked up five individual champions en route to capturing the OAA White crown at Southfield High as they returned to championship form for the first time in more than a decade.

West Bloomfield scored 186.5 points, finishing ahead of runnerup Pontiac, who scored 150, and Southfield, who scored 132. Hazel Park (116.5), Birmingham Seaholm (107) and North Farmington (99) followed.

The Lakers’ Ross Bahro, still unbeaten in 40 matches, led the West Bloomfield charge with an 18-6 major decision over Hazel Park’s Joe Saferian in the 130-pound finals. Matt Gudenau (135), Peter Kamash (125), Dan Korot (215) and Justin Hollins (285) also added titles for West Bloomfield, which had eight finalists out of the 14 weight classes.

“First time we’ve had a league championship in 13 years,” West Bloomfield coach Greg Alessi said, “so it was long overdue. We’ve wrestled really well. Ever since that Walled Lake (Northern) tourney, we’ve been wrestling pretty good.”West Bloomfield finished 7-0 in league duals and is 19-5 overall. The Lakers lost 152-pounder Mo Tariq, who had 29 victories, to injury last week, but West Bloomfield has continued rolling. “That was a big loss,” Alessi said.

Pontiac was behind the eight ball before the meet started. The Phoenix was an hour late arriving due to bus problems, according to coach Adam Polk, “(and) we missed the first round.”

Still, even after spotting the rest of the field a few matches, the Phoenix rose toward the top. Keonta Fuqua pinned West Bloomfield’s Willie Hobbs in the third period of their 160-pound match, and Nicholas Reid earned a 7-1 decision over Ryan Rodgers of Birmingham Groves at 189.

Southfield had four finalists and 140-pounder Davion Williams was the Bluejays’ lone titlist.

Birmingham Seaholm’s Reed Cortwright took the 145-pound class, pinning Hazel Park’s Jalen Adams in the first period, and teammate Chris Saadatjoo won at 152.

Logan Mendelson of Birmingham Groves won at 189 and teammate Khalil Ford was a winner at 103.

Hazel Park’s Hunter Truba won at 119 and Avondale’s Ryan Rocca took the 112--pound title.

Team Scores

1. West Bloomfield 186.5

2. Pontiac 150.0

3. Southfield 132.0

4. Hazel Park 116.5

5. Seaholm 107.0

6. North Farmington 99.0

7. Avondale 67.5

8. Groves 66.0

OAA White Final Standings

1. West Bloomfield

2. Southfield

3. Pontiac

4. Hazel Park

5. Seaholm

6. Avondale

7. North Farmington

8. Groves


1st Place Match

Khalil Ford (Groves) 3-0, Fr. over Kemonte Simons (Hazel Park) 1-1, Fr. (Fall 5:50).

3rd Place Match

Jakobe Jones (Pontiac) 2-1, Fr. over Terrence Works (Southfield) 2-3, Jr. (Fall 2:51).


1st Place Match

Ryan Rocca (Avondale) 33-8, So. over Brendan Bauer (West Bloomfield) 16-19, So. (Dec 6-0).

3rd Place Match

Clarence Farmer (Pontiac) 3-1, So. over Doug Williams (North Farmington) 13-13, So. (Fall 2:26).


1st Place Match

Hunter Truba (Hazel Park) 2-0, So. over Kohsuke Tashiro (Seaholm) 28-10, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0)).

3rd Place Match

Damione Davis (Pontiac) 3-1, Sr. over Warren Stanfield (North Farmington) 18-11, Fr. (Fall 4:06).


1st Place Match

Peter Kamash (West Bloomfield) 22-12, Sr. over Justin Sutinen (Hazel Park) 2-1, Sr. (Fall 0:35).

3rd Place Match

Jon Huang (North Farmington) 12-17, Sr. over Donte Humphrey (Southfield) 2-2, Jr. (Dec 6-2).


1st Place Match

Ross Bahro (West Bloomfield) 40-0, Sr. over Joe Saferian (Hazel Park) 2-1, Sr. (MD 18-6).

3rd Place Match

Keith Lee (Southfield) 7-1, Sr. over John Haddad (Seaholm) 14-11, Sr. (MD 16-5).


1st Place Match

Matt Gudenau (West Bloomfield) 38-3, Sr. over Robert Woods (Southfield) 10-3, Sr. (Fall 3:06).

3rd Place Match

Tyron Logan (Pontiac) 3-1, So. over Shane Brady (Seaholm) 22-18, Sr. (Dec 8-2).


1st Place Match

Davion Williams (Southfield) 11-1, Sr. over Mario Giglio (West Bloomfield) 31-4, Sr. (For.).

3rd Place Match

Brock Mather (Avondale) 33-10, Jr. over Jared Redmer (North Farmington) 13-10, Sr. (Dec 4-1).


1st Place Match

Reed Cortright (Seaholm) 26-10, Sr. over Jalen Adams (Hazel Park) 2-1, So. (Fall 2:00).

3rd Place Match

Davion Logan (Pontiac) 3-1, Sr. over Alex Palazolla (West Bloomfield) 4-6, Fr. (Fall 2:04).


Chris Saadatjoo (Seaholm) 30-8, Jr. over Max Doggett (Southfield) 2-1, Fr. (Fall 1:30).

3rd Place Match

Carter Shelton (Avondale) 29-13, Jr. over Kyarnol Branner jr. (Pontiac) 2-2, Sr. (Dec 5-4).


1st Place Match

Keonta Fuqua (Pontiac) 2-0, Sr. over Willie Hobbs (West Bloomfield) 14-16, Sr. (Fall 5:07).

3rd Place Match

Christian Daniels (Southfield) 3-1, Jr. over Zach Hamilton (Avondale) 7-21, So. (Fall 2:03).


1st Place Match

Nicholas Reid (Pontiac) 3-0, Jr. over Ryan Rodgers (Groves) 2-1, Sr. (Dec 7-1).

3rd Place Match

Aaron Collins (Southfield) 3-1, Jr. over Brian Ekizian (West Bloomfield) 6-17, So. (Fall 4:20).


1st Place Match

Logan Mendelson (Groves) 2-0, Sr. over Mo Mokbel (North Farmington) 25-6, Sr. (Fall 5:27).

3rd Place Match

Sean Sharay (Hazel Park) 3-1, Jr. over Quentin Parker (Pontiac) 1-2, Sr. (Dec 6-3).


1st Place Match

Dan Korot (West Bloomfield) 30-11, Sr. over Anthony Saadatjoo (Seaholm) 23-14, Sr. (MD 15-5).

3rd Place Match

Nate Penny (North Farmington) 17-13, So. over Xavier Hershovitz (Pontiac) 1-2, Jr. (Fall 2:29).


1st Place Match

Justin Hollins (West Bloomfield) 36-4, Sr. over Ezekiel Baker (Southfield) 3-1, Sr. (Fall 4:18).

3rd Place Match

Chris Nader (North Farmington) 14-12, So. over Sebastion Williams II (Pontiac) 2-2, Sr. (Fall 1:48).

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