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WRESTLING: Milford notches pair of victories at Swan Valley team tournament

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Milford swam the deep waters of the tough Swan Valley team tournament among weekend wrestling competitions and barely stayed above water.

Still, the outing wasn’t all bad as the Mavericks placed fourth among a host of teams with solid wrestling programs. Milford defeated Roscommon (37-34) and L’Anse Creuse (40-33) in pool play and fell to state ranked Swan Valley (No. 5 according to Michigangrappler.com) in the pool finals (55-24).

Milford advanced to the championship semifinals before losing to No. 9-ranked Remus Chippewa Hills (45-21) and then took a loss to No. 8 Lake Fenton (51-27) in the consolation finals to finish fourth. Sophomores Brandon Krol (285) and Blake Peterson (215), who both finished undefeated during the tournament, have 9-0 and 9-1 season records respectively. Junior Tyler Lovelace (189) finished 4-1 and has a season record of 8-1. “Overall, I am proud of how our team fought against very tough and respected competition,” Milford coach Brandon Mohr stated. “We started six freshman in the tournament and it was great to see them fight against much older and stronger opponents.”

The Mavs face Wayne Memorial and Westland John Glenn Wednesday in KLAA cross-over matches before heading to the Oakland County Championships.

Also, Holly’s standout all-state caliber wrestlers of the past few seasons may be gone but the Bronchos are still a handful on the wrestling mats. Holly defeated Walled Lake Central 42-30 as Sam Johnson (140), Tre Flores (152), Kyle Pepper (160) and Andrew Scott (189) were among Bronchos who scored victories. Ben Freeman (112), Daniel Shear (130) and Takale Ezell (285) took wins for the Vikings.

Holly-Holly HS (HHH) 42.0 Walled Lake-Walled Lake Central HS (WLWL) 30.0

285: Takale Ezell, WLWL, dec. Cam Guzdziol, HHH, 6-2. 103: jacob caldwell, HHH, forf. . 112: Ben Freeman, WLWL, pinned Justin Henard, HHH, 1:48. 119: Chester Hathaway, WLWL, forf. . 125: Dominic Paterra, WLWL, dec. josh gonzales, HHH, 11-8. 130: Daniel Shear, WLWL, pinned D`Anthony Austin, HHH, 3:30. 135: Tyler Maddock, WLWL, pinned Jacob Palleson, HHH, 2:29. 140: Sam Johnson, HHH, pinned Haydn Kinjorski, WLWL, 2:51. 145: Keegan Soles, HHH, pinned Timothy Smerdon, WLWL, 1:46. 152: Tre Flores, HHH, pinned Nolan Lockhart, WLWL, 5:00. 160: Kyle Pepper, HHH, dec. Jacob Stitely, WLWL, 6-3. 171: Vincent Bianchi, HHH, pinned Jarred Leach, WLWL, 0:23. 189: Andrew Scott, HHH, pinned Jake Braun, WLWL, 1:28. 215: Wyatt Lupro, HHH, dec. Ethan Frost, WLWL, 8-4.

Saginaw-Swan Valley HS (SSVH) 55.0 Highland-Milford HS (HMH) 24.0

112: Kyle Suitor, SSVH, pinned Seth Wickham, HMH, 0:35. 119: Jose Hernandez, SSVH, forf. . 125: Matt Santos, SSVH, maj. dec. Tim Nelson, HMH, 13-4. 130: Jared Bott, SSVH, maj. dec. Trevor Bageris, HMH, 14-6. 135: Collin Dole, SSVH, pinned Marc Sclabassi, HMH, 4:38. 140: David Joyner, HMH, pinned Ty Davidson, SSVH, 3:29. 145: Sam McLean, SSVH, pinned Jason Duong, HMH, 0:59. 152: Josh Flores, SSVH, pinned Josh Wojcik, HMH, 1:08. 160: Brody Noykos, SSVH, pinned Alex Frankovich, HMH, 1:30. 171: James Dwenger, SSVH, pinned Matthew Frankovich, HMH, 0:38. 189: Tyler Lovelace, HMH, forf. . 215: Blake Peterson, HMH, pinned Ty Taylor, SSVH, 0:39. 285: Brandon Krol, HMH, pinned Steven Decker, SSVH, 4:14. 103: Edwin Hernandez, SSVH, tech. fall Luke Joyner, HMH, 4:18 16-0.

Highland-Milford HS (HMH) 37.0 Roscommon-Roscommon HS (RRH) 34.0

119: RYAN DUNNEM, RRH, forf. . 125: Tim Nelson, HMH, dec. GAGE MAJOR, RRH, 7-4. 130: Trevor Bageris, HMH, forf. . 135: Marc Sclabassi, HMH, pinned Jose Valdez, RRH, 2:35. 140: Damian Lewandowski, RRH, dec. David Joyner, HMH, 11-6. 145: Caleb Jernigan, RRH, pinned Andrew Ritchie, HMH, 3:59. 152: DOUG FISHELL, RRH, pinned Jason Duong, HMH, 0:42. 160: DONALD JERNIGAN, RRH, dec. Alex Frankovich, HMH, 6-2. 171: Chase Major, RRH, maj. dec. Matthew Frankovich, HMH, 13-5. 189: Tyler Lovelace, HMH, pinned Adrian Brooks, RRH, 1:30. 215: Blake Peterson, HMH, maj. dec. Logan Duvall, RRH, 9-1. 285: Brandon Krol, HMH, pinned Thomas Tiepel, RRH, 0:08. 103: Luke Joyner, HMH, pinned Natasha Camper, RRH, 2:58. 112: Will Dominek, RRH, pinned Seth Wickham, HMH, 1:56.

Highland-Milford HS (HMH) 40.0 Harrison Township-L'Anse Creuse HS (HTLC) 33.0

103: Luke Joyner, HMH, forf. . 112: Brendan Hazelton, HTLC, pinned Seth Wickham, HMH, 0:23. 119: Michael Satura, HTLC, forf. . 125: Tim Nelson, HMH, pinned Alex Benovich, HTLC, 0:42. 130: Eric Zadick, HTLC, dec. Trevor Bageris, HMH, 11-8. 135: Marc Sclabassi, HMH, forf. . 140: David Joyner, HMH, maj. dec. Anton Jones, HTLC, 15-2. 145: Nick Brunt, HTLC, pinned Josh Wojcik, HMH, 1:29. 152: Ian Weldron, HTLC, pinned Andrew Ritchie, HMH, 1:43. 160: Alex Frankovich, HMH, dec. Thomas Ragap, HTLC, 15-11. 171: Devan Richter, HTLC, pinned Matthew Frankovich, HMH, 2:51. 189: Tyler Lovelace, HMH, dec. Pieter Barone, HTLC, 4-2. 215: Blake Peterson, HMH, forf. . 285: Brandon Krol, HMH, pinned Steven Davis, HTLC, 3:51.

Linden-Lake Fenton HS (LLFH) 51.0 Highland-Milford HS (HMH) 27.0

130: Trevor Bageris, HMH, pinned Keegan Beardsley, LLFH, 5:00. 135: John Barry, LLFH, pinned Marc Sclabassi, HMH, 1:41. 140: David Joyner, HMH, pinned Leo Shustock, LLFH, 3:04. 145: Ryan Franks, LLFH, pinned Andrew Ritchie, HMH, 3:01. 152: Keinan Haggenstein, LLFH, pinned Jason Duong, HMH, 1:37. 160: Carson Whaley, LLFH, pinned Alex Frankovich, HMH, 0:17. 171: Trent Hillger, LLFH, pinned Zack Blagg, HMH, 0:14. 189: Andy Donoho, LLFH, dec. Tyler Lovelace, HMH, 3-1. 215: Chris Adams, HMH, pinned Nevin Donnell, LLFH, 1:08. 285: Blake Peterson, HMH, forf. 103: Luke Joyner, HMH, dec. Bobbie Kincaid, LLFH, 5-4. 112: Hunter Corcoran, LLFH, pinned Seth Wickham, HMH, 0:29. 119: Zach Zoll, LLFH, forf. 125: Jared Corcoran, LLFH, forf.

Remus-Chippewa Hills HS (RCHH) 51.0 Highland-Milford HS (HMH) 21.0

125: Mike Felix, RCHH, dec. Tim Nelson, HMH, 9-5. 130: Trevor Bageris, HMH, dec. Austin Spedowski, RCHH, 6-2. 135: Slade Todd, RCHH, pinned Marc Sclabassi, HMH, 0:54. 140: John Wixson, RCHH, dec. David Joyner, HMH, 5-1. 145: Mason Dey, RCHH, pinned Josh Wojcik, HMH, 0:35. 152: Kevin Briscoe, RCHH, pinned Andrew Ritchie, HMH, 0:54. 160: Kavan Peterson, RCHH, dec. Alex Frankovich, HMH, 13-9. 171: Eric Russell, RCHH, pinned Matthew Frankovich, HMH, 0:39. 189: Tyler Lovelace, HMH, pinned Jordan Flores, RCHH, 1:58. 215: Blake Peterson, HMH, pinned Brendan Barry, RCHH, 2:43. 285: Brandon Krol, HMH, pinned Dan Soriano, RCHH, 0:11. 103: Richard Ostrander, RCHH, pinned Luke Joyner, HMH, 0:53. 112: Kaden Ellis, RCHH, pinned Seth Wickham, HMH, 1:08. 119: Jake Justice, RCHH, forf.

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