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Fraser senior Alli Shereda stands atop the podium after winning the MHSAA Division 2 state title in the one-meter diving event at Eastern Michigan University Saturday afternoon. (For The Daily Tribune/PATRICK McINTYRE)

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GIRLS SWIMMING: Alli Shereda claims individual state championship for Fraser

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YPSILANTI -- Fraser certainly didn't bring the largest team to the Michigan High School Athletic Association Division 2 swim and dive finals, but the Ramblers who made the trip to Eastern Michigan University on Saturday certainly performed well.

Fraser Senior diver Alli Shereda came into the final three dives trailing Farmington Hills Harrison senior Molly Miller by just fewer than seven points after the preliminaries and semifinals on Friday.

Shereda scored big points with all three of her remaining dives to claim an individual state championship with a final score of 412.10, just edging out Miller's 407.45.

Shereda credited her penultimate dive with giving her the victory that surprised even her.

"I stuck my inward double for six and a halfs, and I wasn't expecting to do that," she said. "That, and nailing my last dive really helped, too."

That final dive for Shereda was a front two and a half tuck, that she knew she needed to stick to put the pressure on Miller. So, what was going through her head as she climbed onto the springboard for that final dive?

"Reach up, reach up and throw like you're angry," she said.

Even after posing for pictures and fielding questions from reporters, the fact that Shereda had claimed a state championship hadn't sunk in yet.

"It's a little bit overwhelming, actually," she said. "I wasn't expecting it. It feels good."

The newly minted state champ said it took lots of hard work to get to where she is, as well as not listening to the doubters, even if those doubts come from inside.

"(Winning a state championship took) a lot of hard work and commitment," Shereda said. "Focusing on what you want and going for it. Don't let people tell you you can't. Don't tell yourself you can't. Just go for it and hope for the best."

As the senior's high school career comes to a close, Shereda is exploring her options for college, which she hopes includes diving. Some of the schools she is exploring include the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University.

As Shereda transitions to college, she is interested in taking her dives to new heights, including the 10 meter platform, and includes diving in the Olympics in her long term goals.

Also earning points for Fraser was freshman diver Amanda Hurchalla who finished the event in 14th place.

MHSAA Division 2 State Finals

TEAMS -- Holland 287; Portage Central 235; Birmingham Marian 190; Birmingham Groves 176; Rochester Adams 143; Grosse Pointe South 135; Dexter 134; Birmingham Seaholm 120; Midland Dow 112; Forest Hills Central 99; Farmington Hills Harrison 92; Jennison 87; Okemos 73; Pinkney 65; Battle Creek Lakeview 54; Bay City Western 54; North Farmington 46; Northview 45; Fenton 25; Temperance-Bedford 23; Fraser 23; Lamphere 20;Grand Rapids Union 15; Allen Park 15; Grand Rapids Union 15; White Lake Lakeland 12; Ypsilanti Lincoln 11; Ortonville Brandon 5; Roosevelt 5; Communications and Media Arts 5; St. Johns 4; Midland 4; Saginaw Heritage 4; Mattawan 2; Grosse Pointe North 2; Milford 1

200 MEDLEY RELAY -- Holland ( Garcia, Giesler, Johns, Steeby) 1:46.24; Grosse Pointe South (Young, Hughs, Crowley, Krausmann) 1:47.28; Marian (Pulte, Irwin, Richard, Taylor) 1:47.44; Groves (McGowan, Pierce, Pfershy, Miletic) 1:47.88; Portage Central (Umberger, Weber, Carlson, Griesbach) 1:47.95; Adams (Zweng, Pape, Langenderfer, Karas) 1:48.10; Seaholm (Arnold, Hoag, Benet, Russell) 1:49.28; Battle Creek Lakeview (Reimer, Rowe, Moore, Kukuk) 1:49.37

200 FREESTYLE -- Mollie Pulte (Marian) 1:48.37; Cassie Misiewicz (Holland) 1:51.22; Krissy Harmon (Bay City Western) 1:52.45; Alysse Fischer (Groves) 1:54.01; Clare Nienstedt (Marian) 1:54.10; Morgan VanderSchaaf (Jenison) 1:54.62; Ellie Dean (Midland Dow) 1:55.04; Theresa Riviera (Adams) 1:56.72

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY -- Madison Umberger (Portage Central) 2:03.79; Katie Dudley (Okemos) 2:06.43; Claire Young (Grosse Pointe South) 2:06.73; Nicole Pape (Adams) 2:07.79; Kara Dean (Midland Dow) 2:08.28; Anna Giesler (Holland) 2:10.34; Alex Hughes (Grosse Pointe South) 2:10.66; Lizzy Merriman (Dexter) 2:11.24

50 FREESTYLE -- Holly Morren (Holland) 23.59; Hanna Pfershy (Groves) 23.62; Gabrielle Haaraoja (Fenton) 23.97; Mykala Arnold (Seaholm) 24.18; Maren Taylor (Marian) 24.20; Sophia Schott (Marian) 24.34; Alexa Bloom (Pinckney) 24.48; Krystal Karas (Adams) 24.53

DIVING -- Alli Shereda (Fraser) 412.10; Molly Miller (Farmington Hills Harrison) 407.45; Erin Neely (Forest Hills Central) 381.15; Morgan Hitcings (Grand Rapids Union) 369.60; Nicole Langerak (Jenison) 367.50; Claire Stam (Northview) 363.75; Angela Probstfeld (Lakeland) 349.80; Emma Kellerman (Ypsilanti Lincoln) 344.05

100 BUTTERFLY -- Taylor Garcia (Holland) 54.01; Mykala Arnold (Seaholm) 57.23; Madison Carlson (Portage Central) 57.39; Kelly McGowan (Groves) 58.12; Alexa Bloom (Pinckney) 58.40; Alex Hoiles (Forest Hills Central) 58.49; Emily Brunett (Farmington Hills Harrison) 58.57; Anna Griesbach (Portage Central) 58.62

100 FREESTYLE -- Pulte (Marian) 49.87; Morren (Holland) 50.49; Pfershy (Groves) 51.25; Katie Dudley (Okemos) 52.23; Emma Weber (Portage Central) 53.02; Penny Bowser (Portage Central) 53.21; Layren Sullivan (Temperance-Bedford) 53.52; Kara Dean (Midland Dow) 53.55

500 FREESTYLE -- Krissy Harmon (Bay City Western) 4:59.42; Cassie Misiewicz (Holland) 4:59.46; Natalie Criswell (Portage Central) 5:02.14; Emily Brunett (Farmington Hills Harrison) 5:04.71; Morgan VanderSchaaf (Jenison) 5:04.97; Ellie Dean (Midland Dow) 5:05.43; Alysse Fischer (Groves) 5:07.16; Emma Bradley (North Farmington) 5:11.25

200 FREESTYLE RELAY -- Marian (Maren, Richard, Schott, Pulte) 1:35.24; Holland (Morren, Giesler, Johns, Misiewicz) 1:37.79; Portage Central (Wever, Getty, Bowser, Carlson) 1:38.30; Farmington Hills Harrison (Romero, Doepker, Leever, Brunett) 1:38.85; Adams (Pape, Graf, Riviera, Karas) 1:39.30; Dexter (Mesaros, Franz, Merriman, Daugherty) 1:39.65; Pinckney (Bloom, Martley, Serino, Kehn) 1:39.90; Jenison (Lehman, Byrnes, Arnold, VanderSchaaf) 1:40.18

100 BACKSTROKE -- Garcia (Holland) 52.95; Madison Umberger (Portage Central) 55.82; Claire Young (Grosse Pointe South) 55.90; Abi Johns (Holland) 57.93; Kelly McGowan (Groves) 57.95; Alex Hoiles (Forest Hills Central) 58.13; Hannah Chao (North Farmington) 59.43; Lauren Sullivan (Temperance-Bedford) 1:00.16

100 BREASTSTROKE -- Brooke Rowe (Battle Creek Lakeview) 1:04.53; Allie Russell (Seaholm) 1:04.64; Pape (Adams) 1:04.67; Celia Hoag (Seaholm) 1:04.95; Katlynn Emaus (Forest Hills Central) 1:05.02; Jessica Avery (Madison Heights Lamphere) 1:06.70; Lauren Ryan (Forest Hills Central) 1:07.55; Lizzy Merriman (Dexter) 1:07.87

400 FREESTYLE RELAY -- Holland (Morren, Misiewicz, Johns, Garcia) 3:27.79; Groves (Miletic, Pfershy, McGowan, Fischer) 3:31.30; Portage Central (Griesbach, Getty, Bowser, Umberger) 3:34.61; Dexter (Schultz, Franz, Maisch, Daugherty)3:35.09; Marian (Nienstedt, Clement, S. Schott, C. Schott) 3:35.76; Midland Dow (K. Dean, Purtell, Nole, E. Dean) 3:36.88; Grosse Pointe South (Morse, Schuetze, Hughes, Young) 3:38.17; Adams (Karas, Graf, Riviera, Berich) 3:40.42

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