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PREP CROSS COUNTRY: Ithaca girls, St. Louis boys win Scottie Fall Classic

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The Ithaca High School girls cross country team won the Alma College Scottie Classic Division 3-4 race Friday afternoon with 53 points.

Breckenridge was second with 70 points, St. Louis third with 72 points, Beal City fourth with 75 points and Shepherd sixth with 143 points.

For Ithaca, Courtney Allen led the way with a second-place finish (19:18.7), followed by Kurstin Kalisek in seventh (20:01.8), Amelia Freestone 13th (20:42.1), Hannah Thayer 14th (20.:42.3) and Blaire Showers 17th (20:50.11).

Kirsten Olling captured first-place overall (17:57.3), while Dominique Adams was fourth (19:34.1), Rachel Reiber 11th (20:37.8), Lindsay Hoard 19th (20:56.3) and Ayanna Williams 35th (21:52.7).

Hannah Davis led St. Louis in third (19:30.5), followed by Sophia Bradley 10th (20:27.4), Mallory Munderloh 16th (20:46.1), Bethany Gurnee 20th (20:58.4) and Michaela Smith 23rd (21:03.7).

Beal City was paced by Emily Steffke’s sixth-place finish (19:52.6), while Hannah Neyer was eighth (20:15.), Brenda Faber 18th (20:50.5), Hannah Steffke 21st (20:59.5) and Ariel Salter 22nd (21:00.6).

Sarah Bellinger ran to 15th (20:45.2), while Rachel Travis was 24th (21:09.6) and Abbie Moeggenberg was 33rd (21:29.9). Katelyn Hutchinson came in 34th (21:30.4) and Katie Powell claimed 37th (22:04.3).

On the boys side, St. Louis won with 52 points. Beal City finished fourth with 118 points, while Shepherd took fifth with 130 points. Breckenridge was sixth with 152, Carson City-Crystal seventh with 166, and Ithaca 11th with 270. Fulton took 12th as it scored 316.

St. Louis was led by Collin Shaw as he ran to second (16:46.6), while Connor Pilmore was seventh (17:04.6) and Evan Goodell ninth (17:13.5). Zack Ross came in 16th (17:48.8) and Parker Morris 18th (17:54.6).

Nick Pung paced the Aggies with a eighth-place finish (17:07.8) while Ethan Schafer was 10th (17:16.), Brendan Carrick 31st (18:26.5), Zach Bellinger 34th (18:30.7) and James Kolb 35th (18:31.).

For Shepherd, Kelly Gilbert led the way in 21st (18:08), while Shane Boge was 23rd (18:09), Walker Priest 26th (18:17), Tyler Travis (18:19) and Andrew Joslin 33rd (18:29).

Austin Brittain ran to 12th place (17:26.8) for Breckenridge, while Jake Partee was 20th (18:03.3). Sam Richardson finished 30th (18:25.5), Alex Giles placed 44th (18:49.6), and Anthony Ojeda was 53rd (19:29.5).

Leading Carson City was Tyler Craig as he placed third (16:49.8), while Kolton Kavanagh was 15th (17:44.8) and Jeremy Bigford 32nd (18:29). Taylor Benavidez finished 36th (18:31.7) and Tyler Coston was 81st (20:44.8).

Ithaca’s James O’Boyle ran to 11th (17:21.7) and Kyle Augustine was 61st (19:43.9). Colton Morrow finished 62nd (19:44.1), Jacob Ellsworth was 65th (19:51.9), and Ethan Schauer took 71st (20:02.1).

Bohdan Hartman finished fourth (16:58.6) for Fulton and Zach Bates came in 57th (19:35.3). Jordan Biddinger was 70th (20:00.5), Ryan Womble placed 90th (21:52.4), and Jarrett Coblentz was 101st (23:03.8).

Alma’s boys placed third in the Division 1-2 race with 64 points. Flushing won with 26.

Jake Morey paced the Panthers as he finished fifth (17:04.1), while Dominic Garcia took 10th (17:28.1) and Corbin Lott 12th (18:06.3). Hayden Bailey was 17th (18:39.5) and Juan Rodriguez 20th (19:12.7).

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