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BOWLING: Roundup for Feb. 1, 2014

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Lakeview defeats Warren Woods-Tower 26-4. For Lakeview, Nathan Weaver bowled a 212, Matt Sculk bowled a 225-212 (437), Izak Davidson bowled a 211, Justin Bashaw bowled a 224-195 (419) and Mitch Cunha bowled a 217-203 (420). For Warren Woods-Tower, Travis Terrien bowled a 235-203 (438), Andrew Cicchelli bowled a 216-221 (437) and Nolan Twardy bowled a 212 game.

East Detroit beat LíAnse Creuse 16-14. Matt Dyrval bowled a 223-197 (420) and Drew Whitlow bowled a 226-217 (443). For LíAnse Creuse, Steve Grifka bowled a 214 game and Joey Grifka bowled a 267 game.

Lake Shore defeated South Lake 26-4. For Lake Shore, Gabriel Genord bowled a 227 game with a 416 series, Dylan Chaffin bowled a 236 game and Alex Luckas bowled a 245 game. South Lakeís Alex Rosenthal bowled a 211 game, Cory Kenjorski bowled a 233-212 (445) and Kevin McClain bowled a 290-192 (482).


Lakeview beat Warren Woods-Tower 24-6. For Lakeview, Beth Cooley bowled a 212 game, while Krysta Pierce bowled a 196-171 (376). For Warren Woods-Tower, Madison Kenyon bowled a 200 game and Jazmin Gonzalez bowled a 180 game.

East Detroit blanked LíAnse Creuse 30-0. East Detroitís Alyssa Komlenovich bowled a 199-180 (379) and Ashlee Giebstadt bowled a 186-190 (376).

South Lake beat Lake Shore 28-2. For South Lake, Amyre Walker bowled a 189 game, Sarah Nelson bowled a 193-193 (386) and Jackie Cardro bowled a 214 game. Lake Shoreís Taylor Villasurda bowled a 184 game.



Marysville beat Madison 30-0 in a match hosted by New Haven at Salt River Lanes. Marysvilleís high scorer was Jordan Dietz with a 243 game and a 382 series. Madisonís high scorer was Sebastian Maqi with a 152 game and a 280 series.

Center Line beat New Haven 22 to 8. Center Lineís high scorer was Brock Walquist with a 255 game and a 435 series. New Havenís high scorer was Tyler Thompson with a 201 game and a 386 series.

Clintondale beat Lincoln 26 to 4. Clintondaleís high scorer was Mike VanDaele with a 192 game and a 330 series. Lincolnís high scorer was Mitchell Blanchard with a 196 game and a 372 series.


Marysville beat Madison 29 to 1. Marysvilleís high scorer was Mackenzie with a 170 game and a 284 series. Madisonís high scorer was Makayla Landrum with a 155 game and a 298 series.

Center Line beat New Haven 28 to 2. Center Lineís high scorer was Courtney Domijan with a 195 game and a 362 series. New Havenís high scorer was Courtney Theisen with a 163 game and a 319 series.

Clintondale beat Lincoln 27 to 3. Clintondaleís high scorer was Kalleigh Mathison with a 182 game and a 345 series. Lincolnís high scorer was Samantha Otto with a 134 game and a 260 series.

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