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L'Anse Creuse's Summer St. Germaine swims to a first-place finish in the 500-yard freestyle against Eisenhower. (The Macomb Daily/NICHOLAS BARRY)

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SWIMMING ROUNDUP: L'Anse Creuse edges Eisenhower

Eisenhower's Amanda Hudson has to fight with L'Anse Creuse's Alyssa Mettinger for the lead in the 100 butterfly. (The Macomb Daily/NICHOLAS BARRY)

L'Anse Creuse's Alyssa Mettinger fights for the lead in the 200 individual medley against Eisenhower. (The Macomb Daily/NICHOLAS BARRY)

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This one went down to the wire. On Thursday, L’Anse Creuse defeated visiting Eisenhower 93-92 in a Macomb Area Conference crossover swim meet.

Both schools were neck and neck in most of the events. In the final event of the evening, the 400-yard relay, the Eagles came out ahead with a time of 3 minutes, 57.20 seconds, but L’Anse Creuse won the meet. (Ashlen Michalski, Amanda Hudson, Kate Svisco and Alyssa VanDoorne swam for Ike.) L’Anse Creuse came in second at 4:03.39. (Nicole Lane, Madison Lewis, Summer St. Germaine, Alyssa Mettinger)

For the victorious Lancers, this was very much a team effort. Of the eight individual events, three different Lancers came in first.

In the 500 freestyle, L’Anse Creuse’s Summer St. Germaine finished first with a time of 5:35.64, 18 seconds ahead of Helen Korneffel, also from L’Anse Creuse.

Senior Alyssa Mettinger won the 100 butterfly with a time of 1:06.62. Amanda Hudson of Eisenhower finished second with 1:07.85. Hudson also won the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:22.21

And the first individual victory of the night for the Lancers came from Nicole Lane who won the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:08.26. Following Lane was Ashlen Michalski of Eisenhower. Lane also was a part of the 400 freestyle relay team that finished in second. She also swam in the 100 yard freestyle with a time of 1:01.95.

In the 100 breaststroke, Kate Svisco of Eisenhower finished in first place with a time of 1:13.31. Svisco also finished first in the 50 freestyle race with a time of 25.73. Also in that race Mackenzie Cusumano of L’Anse Creuse came in 2nd at 27.07.

The diving competition featured four competitors: Andrea Bugariu, Samantha Wisniewski and Linsley Snider of Eisenhower, and Christine Wills of L’Anse Creuse, who also holds the school’s record for six and 11 dives. Bugariu came in first with a score of 233. Wills followed with 177.85.

To start the evening off Eisenhower won the 200 medley relay with a time of 2:03.41 (Hudson, Svisco, VanDoorne, Kojack). The Lancers were 3 seconds back. (Alexis Provost, Mackenzie Cusumano, Madison Lewis, Jessica Sedlar)

In the 200 freestyle relay, the Lancers swam to a first place finish at 1:50.37. (Cusumano, Lane, Mettinger, St.Germaine). Ike’s team got 1:56.78 (Heather Wagner, Jacqui Hinkson, Chelsea Hampton and Courtney Sturza)

For the 100 backstroke, Eisenhower’s Alyssa VanDoorne won with a time of 1:09.44. Alexis Provost came in second at 1:11.05.


Utica 99, Port Huron 81

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Port Huron (Sami Mills, Hannah Eastman, Jamey Hutchinson, Olivia Reinhard) 2:10.08; 200 FREESTYLE: Anna Lewis, U, 2:13.03; 200 IM: Allison Zalinski, U, 2:23.27; 50 FREESTYLE: Reinhard, PH, 28.28; DIVING: Madison Paton, U, 122.35; 100 BUTTERFLY: Zalinski, U, 1:05.44; 100 FREESTYLE: Mills, PH, 1:02.14; 500 FREESTYLE: Lewis, U, 5:52.23; 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Utica (Zalinski, Anna Harms, Lewis, Danielle Poth) 1:57.37; 100 BACKSTROKE: Mills, PH, 1:11.22; 100 BREASTSTROKE: Eastman, PH, 1:20.02; 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Utica (Lewis, Poth, Thea Abbatoy, Zalinski) 4:21.78.

(Utica is 2-0. Port Huron is 0-1.)

St. Clair 111, L’Anse Creuse North 68

200 MEDLEY RELAY: St. Clair (Gracie Shinske, Meghan Lamb, Lena Szuminski, Ashley Jones) 1:58.09.

200 FREESTYLE: Alexis Smith, SC, 2:11.45. 200 IM: Gracie Schinske, SC, 2:17.69. 50 FREESTYLE: Ashley Jones, SC, 25.95. DIVING: Katie Kennedy, SC, 162.25. 100 BUTTERFLY: Lena Szuminski, SC, 1:03.60.

100 FREESTYLE: Meghan Lamb, SC, 58.02. 500 FREESTYLE: Jenna Zabicki, LCN, 5:51.91. 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: St. Clair (Ashley Jones, Heidi Likins, Alexis Smith, Jane Wentrack) 1:52.64. 100 BACKSTROKE: Gracie Shinske, SC, 1:05.78. 100 BREASTSTROKE: Meghan Lamb, SC, 1:14.17. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: St. Clair (Alexis Smith, Lena Szuminski, Gracie Shinske, Meghan Lamb) 4:02.49.


Dakota 97, Fraser 88

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Fraser (Danielle Wysocki, Katie Nowicki, Kaleigh VinSickle, Alli Schereva) 2:07.86; 200 FREESTYLE: Ann Marie Eovaldi, D, 2:11.89; 200 IM: Alexis GeAngelis, D, 2:32.85; 50 FREESTYLE: Heather Maracle, F, 26.77; DIVING: Schereva, F, 227.3; 100 BUTTERFLY: VanSickle, F, 1:09.93; 100 FREESTYLE: Ann Marie Eovaldi, D, 1:01.36; 500 FREESTYLE: Katie Hennells, D, 5:59.83; 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Dakota (DeAngelis, Gina Eovaldi, Ann Marie Eovaldi, Molly Chassee) 1:51.81; 100 BACKSTROKE: Hennells, D, 1:09.74; 100 BREASTSTROKE: Maracle, F, 1:22.75; 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Dakota (DeAngelis, Hennels, Gina Eovaldi, AnnMarie Eovaldi) 4:10.63.

(Dakota is 2-1.)

Sterling Heights 84, Lake Shore 78

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Lake Shore (Sarah Cuda, Rachel Jensen, Lorin Miley, Mariah Forth) 2:28.79.

200 FREESTYLE: Erin Horn, LS, 2:44.97. 200 IM: Rachel Coy, SH, 3:09.91. 50 FREESTYLE: Lorin Miley, LS, 27.36. 100 BUTTERFLY: Rebekah Coy, SH, 1:34.73. 100 FREESTYLE: Sarah Cuda, LS, 1:15.93. 500 FREESTYLE: Erin Horn, LS, 7:14.90. 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Sterling Heights (Rachel Coy, Rebekah Coy, Julia Parsina, Kalie Tomlinson) 2:18.94. 100 BACKSTROKE: Lorin Miley, LS, 1:08.26. 100 BREASTSTROKE: Rachel Jensen, LS, 1:37.35. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Lake Shore (Lorin Miley, Erin Horn, Katie Reynolds, Mariah Forth) 5:05.84.

L’Anse Creuse 93, Eisenhower 92

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Eisenhower (Amanda Hudson, Kate Svisco, Alyssa VanDoorne, Valerie Kojack) 2:03.41. 200 FREESTYLE: Nicole Lane, LC, 2:08.26. 200 IM: Amanda Hudson, E, 2:22.21. 50 FREESTYLE: Katie Svisco, E, 25.73. DIVING: Andrea Bugariu, E, 233. 100 BUTTERFLY: Alyssa Mettinger, LC, 1:06.62.

100 FREESTYLE: Ashlen Michalski, E, 58.15. 500 FREESTYLE: Summer St. Germaine, LC, 5:35.64. 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: L’Anse Creuse (Mackenzie Cusumano, Nicole Lane, Alyssa Mettinger, Summer St. Germaine) 1:50.37. 100 BACKSTROKE: Alyssa VanDoorne, E, 1:09.44. 100 BREASTSTROKE: Kate Svisco, E, 1:13.31. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Eisenower (Ashlen Michalski, Amanda Hudson, Kate Svisco, Alyssa VanDoorne) 3:57.20.

Center Line 104, South Lake 48

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Center Line (Abby Lopp, Katelyn Morgan, Ashley Winn, Fallen Halabou) 2:26.55; 200 FREESTYLE: Olivia Boileau, SL, 2:27.48; 200 IM: Lopp, CL, 2:47.16; 50 FREESTYLE: Halabou, CL, 33.50;

100 BUTTERFLY: Beth Johnson, CL, 1:30.03; 100 FREESTYLE: Morgan, CL, 1:10.33; 500 FREESTYLE: Boileau, SL, 6:40.42; 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Center Line (Bella Saputo, Morgan, Halabou, Johnson) 2:19.38; 100 BACKSTROKE: Winn, CL, 1:18.61; 100 BREASTSTROKE: Krista Nannini, SL, 1:31.38; 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Center Line (Johnson, Winn, Madison Nelson, Lopp) 4:56.28.

(Center Line is 3-1.)

Chippewa Valley 119, Romeo 67

200 MEDLEY RELAY: CV (Ashley Lauretti, Haley Hannah, Skyler Muzichuk, Erika Willson) 2:03.76. 200 FREESTYLE: Muzichuk, CV, 2:02.93. 200 IM: Hannah, CV, 2:25.73. 50 FREESTYLE: Maggie Todorovich, R, 26.46. DIVING: Sydney Ronald, CV, 2:48.60 (varsity record). 100 BUTTERFLY: Muzichuk, CV, 1:01.13. 100 FREESTYLE: Willson, CV, 58.93. 500 FREESTYLE: Natalie Krzemecki, R, 5:31.29. 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: CV (Hannah, Jillian Jaczkowski, Morgan Gulick, Leah Galloway) 1:52.44. 100 BACKSTROKE: Lauren Krzemecki, R, 1:08.23. 100 BREASTSTROKE: Hannah, CV, 1:13.58. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: CV (Galloway, Jaczkowski, Willson, Muzichuk) 3:57.08.

Chippewa Valley 135, Ford 50

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Chippewa Valley (Amanda Hannah, Haley Hannah, Skyler Muzichuk, Maggie Gray) 2:05.18. 200 FREESTYLE: Erika Willson, CV, 2:06.91. 200 IM: Syler Muzichuk, CV, 2:19.71. 50 FREESTYLE: Morgan Gulick, CV, 28.84. DIVING: Sydney Ronald, CV, 221.30. 100 BUTTERFLY: Megan Watford, F, 1:05.57. 100 FREESTYLE: Jillian Jaczkowski, CV, 1:01.43. 500 FREESTYLE: Skyler Muzichuk, CV, 5:25.44.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Chippewa Valley (Leah Galloway, Erika Willson, Haley Hannah, Emily Milke) 1:52.03. 100 BACKSTROKE: Amanda Hannah, CV, 1:09.00; 100 BREASTSTROKE: Hannah Haley, CV, 1:14.95. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Chippewa Valley (Skyler Muzichuk, Sam Kulka, Erika Willson, Leah Galloway) 3:58.43.


Chippewa Valley 109, Rochester 77

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Chippewa Valley (Amanda Hannah, Haley Hannah, Skyler Muzichuk, Leah Galloway) 2:04.13. 200 FREESTYLE: Erika Willson, CV, 2:09.29. 200 IM: Skyler Muzichuk, CV, 2:21.86. 50 FREESTYLE: Kathryn French, R, 26.86. DIVING: Sydney Ronald, CV, 229.25. 100 BUTTERFLY: Spencer Ingamells, R, 1:08.06. 100 FREESTYLE: Kathryn French, R, 58.71. 500 FREESTYLE: Skyler Muzichuk, CV, 5:32.91. 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Rochester (Nicole December, Rachel Ludwig, Maura Losh, Kathryn French) 1:51.26. 100 BACKSTROKE: Amanda Hannah, CV, 1:09.05. 100 BREASTSTROKE: Haley Hannah, CV, 1:15.17. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Chippewa Valley (Erika Willson, Sam Kulka, Leah Galloway, Skyler Muzichuk) 4:04.09.

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