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Coach Shawn Murray's Sterling Heights High wrestling team put up an impeccable 5-0 record during Saturday's Clash of the Counties. Warren Woods-Tower also went undefeated. (Submitted photo)


WRESTLING: Macomb mashes Oakland in Clash of the Counties

Five wrestling teams representing Macomb County went a phenomenal 21-4 at Saturday's Clash of the Counties Silver site hosted by Waterford Kettering. (Submitted photo)

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Forget the play, the West Side Story; this was definitely an East Side Story.

Let’s say the Jets are from Oakland County. And the Sharks are from Macomb County. Rather than carrying switch blades and dancing to choreography by Jerome Robbins like in the play, the stars of the show were more into choreography compliments of folks like Dan Grable or maybe Cliff Keen.

Or, more specifically, definitely choreography according to Sterling Heights’ coach Shawn Murray and Gray Mayer of Warren Woods-Tower.

The East Side wrestlers kicked some serious butt.

On Saturday, the annual Clash of the Counties were held and the kids from this east side of Dequindre were outstanding.

At Waterford Kettering, site of the Silver competition, both Sterling Heights and Warren Woods-Tower went 5-0 to lead the Macomb County schools to a 21-4 bashing of Oakland County teams.

At the Gold site, Macomb teams went 14-11.

There were five teams from each county at each site and every squad wrestled five duals.

“Based on what I’ve heard, this is the first time we have won at two sites,” said Murray. “We (Macomb County coaches) put together a nice group of teams. We worked together intent on getting it done. I told the kids we were not just representing Sterling Heights, but all of Macomb County.

“We (Sterling Heights) wanted to be a part of the Macomb-Oakland Duals. We told our kids it was a privilege to represent Macomb County. We wrestled well as a team. The kids really pulled together. Before we wrestled Stoney Creek in our fifth dual meet of the day, I told the kids that it was our chance to go 5-0 and they got it done. We concluded the match with three consecutive pins.”

Coach Murray’s Stallions opened Saturday with a 51-25 win over Avondale. They then beat Hazel Park 62-15, Kettering 38-30, West Bloomfield 53-21 and it was 44-27 against Stoney Creek.

Sterling Heights was 5-0 in MAC Blue Division competition to win the regular season championship. The Stallions are 26-6 overall. Three of those losses were against state-ranked teams. They’ll compete in the league meet Saturday.

“It was a good day,” said Murray. “This is a great group of kids.”

Coach Greg Mayer’s Warren Woods-Tower Titans defeated Hazel Park 53-13; Kettering 41-28; West Bloomfield 46-20; Stoney Creek 42-23; and Avondale 55-21.

“I thought Macomb County showed its depth at both sites,” said Mayer. “I thought we did a real good job of communicating back and forth with other coaches. We’ve always had camaraderie among coaches and coaching staffs, and that helped us win some dual meets this weekend. It was definitely a collective effort. Our coaches association is a tight-knit group.”

The same could be said about the Warren Woods-Tower wrestling family.

“I think the biggest thing we always tell our kids is to remember who you represent. You represent your family, your team, your coaches and your alumni. This past weekend, we told them they also represented Macomb County. You are so used to competing against those teams, it was nice to let your guard down and get to know them as individuals,” said Mayer.

It will be back to competing against a lot of those same individuals from Macomb County as the MAC has its league meets. Warren Woods-Tower is a member of the Red Division. The Titans were runners-up in both the dual meet and league meet last year.

Clash of the Counties

Silver site at Waterford Kettering

(Macomb 21, Oakland 4)

Round 1

Waterford Kettering 36, Chippewa Valley 31

Roseville 45, West Bloomfield 24

Stoney Creek 32, Madison Heights Lamphere 32 (SC wins on criteria)

Sterling Heights 51, Auburn Hills Avondale 25

Warren Woods Tower 53, Hazel Park 13

Round 2

Warren Woods Tower 41, Waterford Kettering 28

Chippewa Valley 49, West Bloomfield 24

Stoney Creek 33, Roseville 30

Madison Heights Lamphere 39, Auburn Hills Avondale 30

Sterling Heights 62, Hazel Park 15

Round 3

Sterling Heights 38, Waterford Kettering 30

Warren Woods Tower 46, West Bloomfield 20

Stoney Creek 31, Chippewa Valley 24

Roseville 33, Auburn Hills Avondale 27

Madison Heights Lamphere 47, Hazel Park 21

Round 4

Madison Heights Lamphere 42, Waterford Kettering 27

Sterling Heights 53, West Bloomfield 21

Warren Woods Tower 42, Stoney Creek 23

Chippewa Valley 44, Auburn Hills Avondale 17

Roseville 38, Hazel Park 21

Round 5

Roseville 45, Waterford Kettering 32

Madison Heights Lamphere 45, West Bloomfield 28

Sterling Heights 44, Stoney Creek 27

Warren Woods Tower 55, Auburn Hills Avondale 21

Chippewa Valley over Hazel Park (nsa)

Gold site at Roseville

(Macomb 14, Oakland 11)

Round 1

Dakota 34, Lake Orion 27

Oxford 41, Anchor Bay 16

Lincoln 38, Rochester Adams 26

Holly 33, Romeo 27

Richmond 31, Rochester 28

Round 2

Dakota 42, Holly 24

Richmond 48, Lake Orion 15

Rochester 39, Anchor Bay 17

Oxford 49, Lincoln 12

Romeo 36, Rochester Adams 32

Round 3

Dakota 38, Rochester Adams 27

Richmond 45, Holly 17

Anchor Bay 36, Lake Orion 22

Lincoln 42, Rochester 27

Oxford 54, Romeo 21

Round 4

Oxford 41, Dakota 21

Richmond 61, Rochester Adams 10

Holly 36, Anchor Bay 33

Lake Orion 28, Lincoln 28 (6th tiebreaker)

Rochester 38, Romeo 33

Round 5

Rochester 41, Dakota 34

Oxford 38, Richmond 29

Anchor Bay 50. Rochester Adams 16

Holly 41, Lincoln 25

Romeo 34, Lake Orion 30

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